Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day IV ~ Port Angeles

It was both an easy and beautiful drive to Port Angeles and I had my list of the few things I wanted to see, but first, this was on the ground, mocking me:

We jumped out and Chris took a few photos of me in front of this Port Angeles sign. Population 19000. So, yeah, bigger than Forks. I think it's the biggest city on the Olympic Peninsula. Also, John Elway was born here:

We parked on the corner or 1st street and the 101. There is a free 3 hour lot there and we just watched our time although it would have been kinda funny to get a parking ticket in Port Angeles.

Walk to the corner and you'll see Dazzled by Twilight on one corner and the Lincoln Theater on the other. Nothing was filmed at the Lincoln but it's the theater in Port Angles that Bella would have gone to, in the book. She goes to the movies twice in New Moon. Once with Jessica and another time with Mike and Jacob. The scenes were actually filmed in Vancouver but this is a stand in in Port Angeles.

The Lincoln is located at 132 E 1st Street:

I hear they play Twilight movies year round. This was October 4th 2010 and Eclipse had been out since June 30th:

Dazzled by Twilight is located at 135 E 1st Street. I'm not sure what to think of them. They have some great Twilight items but the prices are almost offensive. I mean I'll pay $17 for a t-shirt while I'm on vacation but $6 for a wooden bracelet? I saw the same bracelet in another city for $1.99. How do they justify that? They also carry things from other vampire shows, True Blood, Vampire Diaries. Neat store and definitely worth a stop in, just look other places first for clothes and only buy the little things here. That's my advice anyway. The girl that was working there was nice. That helps.

Next stop, and a short walk down the side of the street that the theater is on, is Bella Italia, located at 118 E 1st Street:

In the book it was La Bella Italia. In the movie it was The Bloated Toad but in real life, it's Bella Italia and it's where Edward and Bella go for dinner in Port Angeles after he saves her from the guys in the parking lot. It was their first date. Bella has the mushroom ravioli that wasn't even on the menu before Twilight, now it is and they both had Cokes:

Stephanie Meyer stopped by:

Cute little setting they have out front:

I knew exactly what I was getting. I picked the first thing I saw on the menu. "Um, I'll have the mushroom ravioli.":

The restaurant from our small booth. "Perhaps something more private?" He insisted to the host. "Sure." She turned and led us around a partition to a small ring of boothes- all of them empty. "How's this?" "Perfect.":

Chris contemplating his veal parmesan:

Me, waiting on my mushroom ravioli:

The waitress took our photo. I bet they do that a lot:

Yuummmm.... These were Olympic Forest Mushrooms and the best I've ever had! They were cut so thick! The sauce is a bachamel, which is my favorite. This was so good that I'd like to attempt to make it on my own. Granted, I won;t have Olympic Forest Mushrooms, but I'll make due. I bet bechamel isn't too tough to make. I had a fear that it would be covered in red sauce. I was so glad that wasn't the case.

"I quickly scooped up another ravioli and popped it in my mouth":

Blackberry Crisp. Perhaps the best desert I've ever had. It was perfect:

The bathroom at Bella Italia. I don't miss a thing:

Our next stop was the Port Book and News located at 104 E 1st Street. After watching Jessica and Angela try on dresses, Bella goes looking for a bookstore. She never goes inside and just looks in the window. Because it is so close to Bella Italia, (only a few doors down) it is assumed this was the bookstore she went to, in the book.
The store windows at the bookstore were the same as every other window we passed on this trip, totally devoted to Twilight. Whoever makes these cardboard cutouts must be sittin pretty:

We went inside and of course there was a crazy Twilight section. There was a book called "The psychology of Twilight." Really? The only psychology involved is that I am able to get in touch with my inner 16 year old girl. It really isn't that deep.

This is a shot of Port Angeles from the bookstore:

Gottschalks, where Bella went with Angela and Jessica went to shop for prom dresses filed for bankruptcy so it's no longer there but this is the address, 200 W 1st Street.

Next, we went to The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce, located at 121 E Railroad. It was closed. Everything closes early in a town like this but we didn't really need anything anyway:

The Port Angeles Police Station is just up the street:

Pocket Edward in Port Angeles:

This place is weird. You point your camera in one direction and it looks like it's 10 PM:

Then you turn around and point in the other direction and you see this:

I think it's all about the cloud cover. Sometimes it's very dark but there is bright daylight behind the clouds:

That's Canada back there, Hi sherry!:

We climbed up to the top of this tower to take photos:

Port Angeles is behind me:

How cool are these clouds?

Port Angeles to the left, Canada to the right:

This was at the top of the tower overlooking Port Angeles Harbour:

The Rocktopus:

Weird old tree with faces on it by the welcome center:

As night fell and we left Port Angeles to head back to Forks, we passed the sign I'd missed on the way in so I got out and did my thing:
The last photo of the day was difficult to find. I'd tried all day to find a sign that said Lake Crescent. It was harder than you think:

I was pretty excited:

This was the last photo of the day because it was so dark. As I was taking this one on the side of the 101, Chris said a park ranger passed, slowed down to look and then kept driving. I guess he just assumed I was crazy and not stranded.

Tonight was our last night in Forks. We'd pretty much seen everything I'd come to see. Tomorrow we would head towards Seattle where we'd spend the night and catch a flight home. I was feeling a bit sad as it's not everyday you get to spend so much time walking through one of your favorite books.

However, before we left we wanted to get our drink on, Forks style!

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  1. My mom and I have been talkin about taking a grand trip to Forks but we didnt know if there was actually that much to see/do. YOU have inspired me to do it!! Imma have to look up some stuff. I loved seeing pictures!! <3 Crissy