Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day IV ~ How to Get Drunk in a Small Town

Well, it wasn't easy. Ian had told me that there were two bars to choose from. The Twilight Lounge was one place and it was on the far north side of town and then there was the Mill Creek on the far south side of town by the Welcome Center. Ian said the Mill Creek was better but the Twilight Lounge was closer. We weren't trying to recreate the wheel, we just wanted to drink. We'd decided that we wanted to walk so we wouldn't have to worry about me having to drive back to the motel. Husbands don't let their crazy Twilight loving wives drive drunk.

We set out first for the Twilight Lounge, which is kinda through the same door and to the left of The Lodge Restaurant. It might be owned by the same people. It's located at 81 N Forks Avenue. Nothing was open between our hotel and this bar. I think people go to bed early in Forks. How do you rebel in a small town like that? Wearing black and growing your hair over your eyes just wouldn't cut it.

Now, it was a Monday night so I would think in (almost) any town in this country, bars would be slow but when we walked into the Dungeon at The Twilight Lounge, I think I heard someone drop a pin. I mean it was so dead that a tumbleweed rolled by while the bartender eyeballed us.

We turned around while I giggled and tried upstairs because maybe we went into the wrong room. Upstairs was worse. There was this dance floor right in the middle of the room but the only problem was that there was a vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of it. That's never good. It really sucked. Get it?

Anyhoo, we decided to try for the other bar at the far end of town. The Mill Creek, located at 1222 S Forks Avenue. The address did me no good while I was on foot. It didn't tell me how far it was. We walked for a while and keep in mind, it was butt ass cold and my husband is walking in a boot because of his broken foot. We had no idea how far it was but it's a small town, right? Yeah, not with a broken foot. I finally saw a group of kids hanging out in the parking lot at Pacific Pizza and I yelled over, "Where is the Mill Creek Bar?" The chunky one yells back, "It's about a mile that way!" A mile? The lady at the hotel said it was a couple of blocks! Someone was lying. I mean you live here. It's a tiny town. You should have it memorized. Come on people!

I yelled and asked them if there were any other bars around and he said, "Try the Twilight Lounge!" I said, "We did, but it was dead!" His reply and it still makes me laugh, "That's Forks!" Yeah, no shit! Great place to visit and I'm glad I came but Jesus, I just want a drink. I had an easier time getting drunk in high school. I'm kinda sad we never made is because I looked it up online and it looks like a groovy place. I don't have any photos of it because we never made it there but I found this one online and I'm almost certain that chick is our waitress from the place we ate at, next to our hotel each morning. Small towns are funny that way:

So we decided to turn around and try to find a liquor store or possibly walk back to the Dungeon that is so appropriately named. I was totally bummed. I wanted to say "I got drunk in Forks!" I didn't want to sit around my motel room watching old episodes of Barney Miller and tipping a beer. What's more depressing that that?

We were walking back and I was bitching about wanting to drink. That's when Chris spotted the lights. To our right we saw flashing lights. At first we thought it was a liquor store, which would have sufficed but as we got closer, we realized it was a bowling alley. Bingo! That'll do!

We walked over to the bowling alley and the parking lot was empty but for one or two cars. At this point, I didn't care. If this guy serves liquor, I was all over it. I took these photos the next day of the bowling alley and the mountains behind it, so I would remember it. Bowling alley's are always so damn colourful. The name was Sunset Bowling Lanes and it's at 261 E E Street:

When we walked in, there were two guys playing pool. I could only assume they were younger because they were drinking bottled tea. Maybe I'm a drunkard but when I think bowling, I think beer. There was a guy who was visiting from Seattle waiting for to go food and there was one guy behind the counter and he was very kind. He had lived in Forks since he was born, moved away a while and came back. He said generations of his family live in this county so I understand coming back. Forks seems to be a place you move away from. I'm not sure I would understand anyone who would move TO this town. Not that there is anything wrong with the town, because there isn't, but where do you work? You're going to go away to a big university and come back to Forks, really? I think this is the kinda town you get out of in only two ways. College or the military. There is one lady that moved here because of Twilight and I just think that's absurd. I say do what you want to do but in 5-10 years when this is all over, I think she'll be kicking herself.

It was nice to talk to someone from Forks who could tell us how the town works, which isn't all that different from any other small town. I mean I caught a glimpse of it at the Welcome Center but straight from the horses mouth is always nice. I think his name was Wade. We were drinking so fast that we aren't 100% sure that we remember that correctly but we think that was it.

He offered us a drink and we sat and talked to him for a while. We only drank like 3 or so drinks but they kicked my ass! I drank some kind of Mike's Hard Lemonade. It was red. It was good and 5% alcohol but I felt like I'd had ten of them! I was so out of it that this is the photo I took of us as we were leaving to walk back to the motel:

Worst photo ever! Is focusing really that difficult? You gotta love when you focus on the wall behind you! Drunk chicks rock!

Anhyoo, if you're in Forks, stop by the bowling alley. That guy is so nice and it's just a great place to grab something to eat and drink. I'm sure had we actually bowled, that would have been fun too! When I go back to Forks I am totally going back to this bowling alley. I think he put crack in our drinks! It was freezing outside but on the walk back to our motel, I was nice and toasty. I should totally learn to bowl.


  1. I totally want to go to Forks with you!

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