Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day IV ~ Forks

Forks is a small city. It's beautiful but it's tiny. I'd heard that it was two blocks long and that just isn't true, but it IS small. You could walk from one end to the other with ease, well, if you didn't have a broken foot you could. The girls from Twilight Lexicon made it sound much, much smaller. They almost turned me off of going but I'm glad I didn't listen. Perhaps this is the smallest town they've ever been in, but not me baby! I've been to Bucksnort, Tennessee! This is a friggen metropolis by comparison.

We got up and the first thing we did after taking out showers and drying ourselves with our Twilight towels is go have breakfast next door. It was nice to have a restaurant right next door to our hotel that served breakfast. Over our eggs we discussed what we'd be doing today. I'd made a list of the things I wanted to see, but importance. Listing it by importance turned out to not be necessary once I realized how close everything was. Once I looked at the map and discovered that a lot of the list was in walking distance from where we were sitting, I changed my plans so we could start with a walking tour. My husband needed his coffee first:

So, we set out on foot. First stop, Forks High School, located at 261 S Spartan Avenue:

The sign is the only thing that non Twilighters would recognize, so I made sure to get a few shots of that.

They're redoing the school so it is nothing like it was before the movie. The school that most would remember is almost totally gone. All that is left is this:

It's surrounded by fencing because it's a construction site, or destruction site in this case.

Kinda sad but in order to build new things, old things have to go. I read an article in the Forks Forum that had a rendering of what they wanted to do with this small, front part of the school that is left. They want to hull it out and make it an arch type thing that you can walk under. I think that's a very cool idea but will cost about $300,000 to do. It's a school system. I'm sure they don't just have an extra $300,000 sitting around to do something like that. The rendering looked cool and I've seen a little fight to try to save it but nothing huge so I have my doubts. People seem angry that they'd get rid or if but if they don't have the money to save it, then they don't have the money to save it. It's not like you stop spending money someone else to allocate funds for this. That isn't how a proper school system works.

This is the rendering of the facade. Don Grafstrom from Twilighters for Forks sent me this link for people who would like to contribute.

To the right is the actual Forks High School. If you walk past the school with it on your left, the Forks HS sign is like 30-35 feet down on the left:

A parting shot of the school since I will literally never see this again. I think there is very little hope of saving it at this point, but it would be nice to see so I wish them luck:

If I keep walking down Spartan Avenue, with the school on my right, I pass Forks Middle School, which is just next door:

I took this photo of a window in Forks Middle School. Twilight posters everywhere:

Spartan Avenue:

Directly across the street from Forks Middle School is Leppell's flowers and Gifts. It's located at 130 S Spartan Avenue:

Also known as Twilight Central:

I get the feeling that if you get married in Forks or have a graduation party, this is where you go. The lady told me they'd been in business for over 50 years.

Ian, the Rob look a like gave me some advice after spending quite a bit of time in Forks. He told me that if I was looking for shirts, sweatshirts, stuff like that to go to Forks Outfitters, because it's cheaper there. He also told me to stop by Leppell's because they have great unique Twilight things and the people are really nice. All of this turned out to be true. They were wonderful and they have Twilight scrapbook stuff. Tons of it. Paper, cutouts and all kids of stuff. I even bought a clear glass bottle with shells around the neck and a big ole cork for the sand from La Push that I would surely get.

This ended up being my favorite of all the store we stopped in. It had the most interesting Twilight stuff and the people were really nice. I also heard they were the best if you wanted a tour. didn't end up doing the tour of Forks. I didn't really see where it was necessary. I did a lot of research and knew what I wanted to see. Riding on a bus with other people sucking up my oxygen when I could do it in my own car, at my own pace just made sense. Also, stories about how you met Robert Pattinson and how nice he was do nothing for me. There was a girl in line for the Catherine Hardwicke tour who brought a big photo album with her. Really? It just came off as creepy and needing to impress. This, again, does nothing for me.

This is the bus they give tours on. This time of year isn't the busy time. I would guess it gets crazy here in the summer.

When you come out of the front door of Lappell's and face the street, turn left and go to the corner. Keep walking straight and cross the street. Now take a left up that street on on the next corner, on your right will be Dazzled by Twilight.

Edward and Bella's cutouts are the first thing you'll see:

Dazzled by Twilight is located at 11 Forks Avenue. They offer tours as well but I haven't heard anything great about them. There was a noticeable difference as far as friendliness between this store and Lappell's. That's all I'm saying. Besides all that, their store was pretty cool, even if it was jammed with stuff. They really need more space if they're going to keep all that stuff in there. They had a motorcycle by Jacob's cutout and a big fake tree in the middle of the store whole branches stretched across the ceiling. It was pretty cool.

Around the base of the tree was a gazebo and they had it set up so we could take this photo:

Cheesy as all get out, but funny. Kudos to Chris for not mentioning that Bella's throat was missing. I would have put my head in higher, but what are you gonna do?:

They have a set of lockers in the back:

See? More shit that should fit in the store:

Across downtown Forks, there are wooden flower boxes everywhere. They all have things carved on the side. In front of Dazzled by Twilight, there is a Twilight theme:

My husband and I saw this photo in a store window as we were walking back to our hotel to complete our walking tour. I thought it was cool so I turned around a snapped a photo of the same area. Neat to compare:

Next stop, Forks Outfitters. Guess who worked there?


  1. YOur commentary and photos are so wonderful!!!

  2. Not sure if you know, the lockers in the store are from the Forks High School, they salvaged these and all the cases/curios with Twilight items are the personable collection of the store owner,Annette. She was in the store when we were there and told us about the lockers, etc and she is so, so, so cool you would of loved her.