Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day IV ~ Forks ~ Part III

Although Carlisle is a vampire, he's also a doctor. I know I know.

He works at the Forks Community Hospital which is located at 530 Bogachiel Way.

He's got his own parking space with to be honest, wasn't out in the open like I thought it would be. When you drive down and see the hospital, pass it and then next small building and turn left. It is right there on that building on the far right side. There was a SUV parked in his spot when we were there, which is Twilight blasphemy! I shot around it.

I liked that they had a photo of Carlisle in the window:

Even though it took us a few minutes to find it, it was worth it. Don't I look happy?

Next stop, The Swan House, located at 775 K Street:

It isn't the Swan house from the movie (we've been there already) but it is Fork's representation. It better fits the description in the book but you can see how this home wouldn't have played as well on screen. I'll be honest, this was kind of an after thought for me. It's cool but it wasn't essential for my trip.

The sign bellow is a new sign. Someone stole the old on back in January and I guess it never turned up. I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often. I liked the old one better:

I'm not sure if being "The Swan House" is a blessing or a curse. I mean anyone in the world can look your house up online in two seconds so people know who you are but then you've got what, 50-100 people standing in front of your house every day snapping photos? Your days of walking around the house naked are over! Hell, the real Cullen house in Portland had a shower that could fit ten people and it's opened to the trees by a HUGE glass wall. You can't use that puppy unless you want to end up in Penthouse! Anyhoo, I'm not the only one who questions why these people would offer up their home for this kind of attention. Check out the fence on their neighbors house:

I guess it would be one thing if everyone was respectful but clearly that isn't the case. They also have a big sign by their driveway that says "STAY ON THE ROAD!" So yeah, I think they're over it. On a lighter note, it's a beautiful fence, huh?
Next stop, Forks City Hall & The Forks Police Station:

The first thing I noticed as we pulled in was the The Cullen House is directly across the grass to the left (if you're looking at City Hall) We'll get back to that later.

This is the sign out front:

This is the entrance to City Hall:

When you first walk in, go in the door to your left and you can sign a guest book and buy a Forks pin. Come back out that door, look to your left and you'll see this:

It's a display case that holds these things. On the far tight Charlie's police uniform and other cool things:

After looking at this, turn to your right and you'll see the door to the Forks Police Department which is in the back of the building:

Next stop, The Cullen House (Miller Tree Inn)

The Miller Tree Inn is located at 654 E Division Street. It's a bed and breakfast and is the place I mentioned in an earlier post as being quaint:

I loved this tree in their yard:

She has the description from Twilight in the window. Sounds about right:

Funny they have a vacancy sign out because when I called it was booked. I guess someone canceled:

The Inn keeper leaves messages daily on a dry erase board from Esme:

If you look close, you can see Edward in the window:

We decided that since everything I wanted to see in Forks was so close together that we'd go ahead and make trip out of town while it was still early. We'd gotten such an early start that we had time to play with. There was one place I wanted to stop before we headed out:

This is the welcome sign on the north side of town. It's the one that is more recognizable to me:

This sign in in front of the welcome sign and to the right. I thought it was funny. "Here there be vampires!":

Next stop, LA PUSH!


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  2. Still reading away at your blog! LOL! As a bit of a tid-bit of info...we did the Team Forks tour one evening (pik up at Lepells' gift shop) and the tour guide told us Dr.Cullen's spot originally was prominent & right at the ER entrance. In the 2010 summer there was a helicopter crash off the coast of La Push..the victims were brought to the Fork's hospital. Twilight visitors were there too taking pics of Dr Cullens spot when the crash victims were brought into the ER...they then decided to take pics of the crash victims being brought into the ER and post them on their FaceBook. I guess it was a big deal cuz Forks police told them they had to move Dr. Cullen's spot away from the ER to a less prominent spot were patients were not so 'visible'. Some people ruin it for everyone! grrrrr!!!