Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day IV ~ Forks ~ Part II

We jumped in the car from here and stopped at The Forks Outfitters. In the book this was owned by Mike Newton's family and where Bella worked. It's located at 950 S Forks Avenue:

Forks Outfitters and the Forks Thriftway (where Bella did her shopping) are right next door to each other. In fact, they're connected inside:

I took these photos of the stores when we first rode into town. They share a parking lot with Pacific Pizza, where were first ate dinner:

These are some things that were for sale inside. I bought a FORKS sweatshirt and a couple of Forks Spartan shirts for the kids but I didn't get the crazy stuff cause where are you going to wear that, really?

I DID buy the "Got Twilight" magnet. It's on my fridge:

I'm not a fan of black knit caps. I think I'd look like the Forks burglar:

This was kinda funny too, but still.....

The shits and sweatshirts were endless, even rain boots:

This is the Thriftway bathroom. Those that know me aren't surprised by this photo. Yes, the walls were really THIS yellow:

From here, we went to see the "The City of Forks Welcomes You" sign. We'd passed it on the way in but I wanted better photos. This is the one on the south ( I think) end of town and there was another on the north end that we will also be visiting. They recently moved that one so people could get to it better, but this is the first one we passed. It's in the same parking lot as the Timber Museum, The Chamber of Commerce and Bella's trucks. The Chamber of Commerce is located at 1411 S Forks Avenue.

We parked in front of the Timber Museum, and walked up to the sign first:

Then we moved onto the trucks:

I have issues:

There are two trucks:

One is described in the books:

The other is a better description of what is in the movies:

I think I like the book truck better:

Vampires love Forks:

Werewolves love LaPush:

Then we went inside the Welcome Center/Chamber of Commerce:

This is a view of the Chamber of Commerce and Timber Museum from the welcome sign. They all share the same central area and parking:

This place is almost all Twilight inside. I have a feeling the books/movies saved this town:

The only thing I didn't really care for about the Welcome Center was one of the ladies working there. I knew who she was because I'd seen her photo in books and online. The other lady was very soft spoken and nice but I heard her talking to a girl I ran into who had sat next to me on my bus tour with Catherine Hardwicke and we were talking a bit. I heard her ask if Ian, the Rob look alike was still in Forks and I said, "No, he isn't. I just met him yesterday in St, Helens." I remembered as I spoke what he'd said about not wanting to go back for a while after he'd spent the whole summer here. She shook her head and it was clear she had something to say and she looked at me like I was supposed to say something. I said, "Yeah, he was really nice and helpful and told me what to look for when I came here. He's weird, but fun." Now when I say you're weird, it's a compliment, not a put down. If I wanted to be rude about him I would have said he's an asshole but that wasn't my experience with him at all so I didn't say that. I can't remember exactly what she said but something to the effect of how arrogant he was signing autographs, "Robert Pattinson." I said "Well, he didn't have anything nasty to say about you. He sent me here and told me to make sure I stopped." She didn't say much more after that, which is probably best. I thought it tacky that she would say anything to me at all. She doesn't know me. Ian could have been my brother for all she knows. Tacky, tacky, tacky, but I guess that's what you get in a small town. She would have been smart to keep her mouth shut. Why criticize him at all and suggest to me that he's arrogant? Who benefits from that? I met him in the middle of having his photo taken with some people and he took the time to not only give me some info on Forks but to write some of the bullet points out for me. I've met lots of arrogant assholes in my life and arrogant assholes don't do that. For a good looking guy, he didn't seem like the "I'm sleeping my way through the town of Forks" kinda guy and he totally could be.

All this leads me to believe that the chick at the Welcome Center is a small town crackpot. There's always one. I mean who hired you? You're standing in the middle of a welcome center badmouthing people. I'd still recommend stopping there because it's very cool to see everything. Just know what you're in for. Also, consider yourself lucky if you meet Ian and Lando. Both are really nice guys. Lando went out of his way to send me the jpegs from when I met Ian. He didn't have to do that. Nice, fun guys, no matter what that chain smoking shrew from the Welcome Center has to say. Ian is on Facebook if you'd like to find him:

He also has a blog, which is always entertaining:

This map of the US has pins that each person places from where they're visiting from. There were so many from the DC area that we almost didn't have room to place ours, but I made it happen:

I thought this was funny:

They had large movie posters hanging from the ceiling:

A note from Stephanie Meyer:

Vampires thrive in Forks:

Carlilie's hospital garb:

Life size cutouts:

Coming out of the Welcome Center and immediatly turning right is the Forks Logger's Memorial. It list all who have died in the line of duty:

There is a large wood carved logger at the memorial:

This is in front of the Timber Museum:

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  1. Those trucks would be cool even if they had absolutely nothing to do with Twilight... they're just awesome trucks.