Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day IV ~ Drive to Port Angeles ~ Lake Crescent

Because we hadn't originally planned to drive to Port Angeles today, we needed to swing by the hotel and get some things. I hadn't brought my list of must sees. I know most of them but I didn't want to forget anything and I felt like I needed a hat. I had frozen my ass off in La Push!

Port Angeles is about 57 miles NE of Forks. We took the 101 N for about 56 of those miles. If I hadn't fallen in love with this part of the country yet, this is where it happened. The drive on the Olympic Highway to Forks is the most beautiful drive I have ever taken. It surpasses the drive down to Key West, which until now held that title. Absolutely amazing!
I knew we would pass this on the trip because we'd looked it up and even if it weren't en route, I would have gone out of my way to see it. This was the little store called The Fairholme Store that was on the side of the road just as we were approaching our next stop. I couldn't find an address for it but it's a lot closer to Port Angeles than it is to Forks.

This is a view from the top of the small hill where we parked:

They rent kayaks here and you can also camp:

See? Kayaks:
Lake Crescent is mentioned in New Moon by Charlie, "Bells, I got a lot on my plate right now. Two tourists have gone missing off a trail outside Cresent Lake. This wolf problem is getting way out of hand" page 257, chapter 11.

Chris is pointing as if to say, You are here:

Lake Crescent is the most beautiful body of water I've ever seen! Hands down! This photo doesn't do it much justice:

But this one does:

This lake is so blue that it looks like a cartoon. It is supposed to be up to 650 feet deep in some places. I did some research and found out that there is very little nitrogen in the water, inhibiting the growth of algae, so you can see through the water very clearly. Great place for my underwater camera in the summer:

The entire time we drove past Lake Crescent there was nothing but a constant wall of trees so high we couldn't see the tops on one side and these crystal blue waters on the other. The view was so breathtaking that I didn't have time to think about getting car sick, which I usually would have done with ease. This area did set up the atmosphere that Stephanie Meyer described in her books. Everything was so green with moss and think foliage and what wasn't green, was a deep shade of blue. There actually was a constant cover of clouds and rain threatening us. It was just neat to be in the shade of the rain forest that kept Edward hidden on sunny days:

As if the lake wasn't beautiful enough, I turned around and walked maybe 30 feet up into the trees. I crossed this little footpath first and turned left:

There is a walkway and a small road for park rangers and boats. I walked up that:

At the base of that small road, which leads to the boat dock. If you look to the right of this photo, just before the boat dock is a huge tree with many trunks, I guess you would call them. It was a beautiful tree and those are the next few photos:

Large, odd tree, that I loved:

I usually don't like shooting in a lot of sunlight. It gets in the way and creates weird shadows on faces but sunlight through these trees was a dream. The weird thing was the it was overcast, you can see the clouds but there were pockets here and there where full, bright sunlight came through. I'm so glad it wasn't as rainy as had been predicted. These photos are priceless to me:

This is one of my personal favorites. If you look close, you can see my husband down by the lake through the trees:

This is my husband faking pain and weariness as he comes back up the hill:

This is me laughing at my husband as he fakes pain and weariness coming up the hill:

As beautiful as the lake is, I have to say that Camp Crystal Lake came to mind more than once, especially after Chris told me about The Lady in the Lake, which I Googled as soon as I was able.

Some other groovy photos we took a long the rest of the way to Port Angeles. Probably only 35-40 miles to go. Just for the record, if the car is moving, my husband took the photos. He refused to let me do it, although I was fully capable:

I know I take a lot of photos of trees, but these are the greenest damn trees I've ever seen:
Next stop, Port Angeles! I feel Porta"BELLA" Mushroom Ravioi coming on.......


  1. Those have to be the most beautiful tree photos I've ever seen. They were breathtaking. When I wasnt mesmorized by them I was chuckling at your thumb up Look at me pics. I double <3 them!!!
    FB Wendy ;o)

  2. I will have to remember to go to that lake next time I go! It's very beautiful but we were on just a quick vacation due to my mom having to get back to work. Plus we had to get to our Twilight Tour in Forks.