Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day III/IV ~ Forks ~ Our Hotel

I made reservations at the Pacific Inn Motel ( located at 352 S. Forks Ave.) months ago. I chose this motel for a few reasons. It was between this and the Miller Tree Inn, or the Cullen House in Forks. I would think most Twilight people would prefer to stay at the Cullen House, but I didn't. The Miller Tree Inn sounds quaint and we don't do quaint. The homey thing they sell on their website does nothing for me. I mean I planned to go there and take some photos but that's all I need. I don't want the feeling that someone is creeping outside my door just waiting for me to need towels or make me breakfast in the morning. Now as a disclaimer, I could be making all of this up in my head. I'm sure those people are really nice and not creepy at all. It just isn't my thing.

The lobby was decorated with Twilight everywhere. Posters, guestbook, photos and even towels that you could buy. They gave us room 211 and we were on our way. Keep in mind that we rolled in pretty late so some of these photos are from the next day:

This is our room!

Don't kid yourself into thinking that I didn't jump up on the bed immediately and plant one on him!

I wasn't the first. There were lip prints on it already. Harlot!

This was above Chris's bed:

Edward was above mine, clearly:

Twilight towels:

Twilight light covers:

A Twilight nightlight!

Only in a Twilight setting are these curtains acceptable. If it were a regular room and these curtains were there, I'd be a "stripper" and Chris would be my pimp:

Rise and shine!

He's still there!

Groovy hat I got in St. Helens:

My Twitowl:

I can't get enough of this room!

So proud of my Twifind! I recommend the pacific Inn Motel if you're planning on staying within Forks. It really was a nice motel and we had no problems. However next time I go, I might consider staying at the Kalaloch Lodge, where we watched the sunset. The only problem with that is if we wanted to come in and drink somewhere. We wouldn't be able to drink because we'd have no way to get back. Something to think about.

It's a nice motel though. They have a building in the parking lot where you can do your laundry and get ice and the people at the front desk are really nice. Not to mention that there is a restaurant just next door that serves a good breakfast. They overcook their bacon, which I love.


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