Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day III ~ Rolling Into Forks

We left Kalama and continued on the 101 north through more beautiful postcard greenness. We took a few photos that led us right by what I think was Satsop Nuclear Power Plant. Kinda neat looking from the highway:

This was the first sign we saw directing us towards Forks! Not that it was confusing. We were on the 101 N all the way through Port Angeles.

This is one of the first signs I saw that was accessible for the 101. I'd been looking for it and decided to stop here in case the rest of them were as hard to get to as the ones I'd already passed. I knew I wanted a photo of it and didn't want to miss my chance:

It drizzled a bit today and just seemed to make the skies more beautiful. It's nice to see how green everything is becuse of all that rain. It often looked fake. Later we passed a special lake that was so blue that it looked like a cartoon.
We came across another 101 sign that I thought looked better with all the greenery:

101 is the route Edward and Bella take on the way to the meadow:

Getting closer!

It became clear that we wouldn't reach Forks until after dark so we decided to stop a couple of places to see the Pacific Ocean. It was about this time, with less than an hour before we arrived in Forks that I decided to do what I'd planned and pull out my Twilight soundtrack and the score, and listen to them on my iPod as we drove towards the city. I listened to some of the score first and then along the way switched to the soundtrack. I was playing it when we decided to stop for a bit. That is easy to remember because it fell out of my lap when I opened my door, crashing down to thankfully land on my foot while ripping the ear thing out of my ear. Nice. Not painful at all.

The place we stopped at was amazing! It's called The Kalaloch Lodge and it's located at 157151 Hwhy 101. The address says that it's in Forks but it must have been on the far south west side because we still had a ways to go. We decided to stop racing the sun and got out and walked down to the beach to touch the water, see some "drift wood" and watch the sun set.

It's nice to have seen the sun rise and set on both coasts:

They weren't kidding about this shit! Can you imagine hanging out in the sand and a giant tree comes floating up onto the beach? I don't think this rendering is supposed to be funny, but....

There were tons of them:

This is my poor hobbled husband from the beach. He actually got around a lot better than I thought he would:

Before setting out again we took some photos in the gazebo:

We were celebrating our 4th anniversary on this trip as well:

A parting shot:

I put my iPod back in and cranked it for the remainder of the ride which from here was just under 40 minutes. As we rode into the city and I could see the "Welcome to Forks" sign in the distance. Number 10 was playing and it was perfect!

Yay! We finally arrived in Forks! It was late so my husband begged me to just get to the hotel room. We were both spent, but hungry. However I couldn't stop myself from taking just a few photos as we entered town:

Bella's truck!

After I made a fool out of myself at the Welcome Center we went to get something to eat. We stopped at Pacific Pizza located at 870 South Forks Avenue (it's still the 101). Can you guess why?

I thought it was hysterical that they had a special Twilight menu!

Next up, our special Team Edward hotel room.


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  3. Oh, my goodness... I find this all quite fascinating! I lived in Washington state for three years and spent quite a bit of time visiting those very beaches and riding the 101, but all that was before Twilight. I'm amazed at how much those books have changed the tourist industry out there. Love these posts!