Monday, October 11, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day III ~ Kalama

"Under a near constant cover of clouds and rain"

Next stop, Kalama High School in Kalama Washington. I think out of all of the shooting locations, this was the one I wanted to see the most. I was pretty excited about it and almost skipped the Bridge of the Gods when I thought this was too far out of the way. I was happy when my husband agreed to go out of our way a bit to see this.

I checked the weather before we left and it said that it would be rainy for the rest of our trip but this was really the worst we got. The clouds looked threatening but it remained just that, a threat with no actual downpour. I was glad for the clouds because I thought they looked awesome! The sky was always so blue.

Because every city should have one:

This was the first of three "rainy" days and when I say rainy, I don't mean thunderstorms, I mean it spit at us for part of the day. Nothing too annoying of that my boots and waterproof jacket couldn't handle. We were worried about the boot that Chris had to wear on his broken foot and even that didn't end up being an issue. I'm kinda glad it rained because I wanted to get some photos of the sky looking like this. I also knew my son would love this photo of the train carrying all these trees and I was right:

We're almost there! Just off the exit and up a hill that must really, really suck in the snow.

As soon as we turned the corner into the parking lot, it was obvious where we were! This is the very first photo I took of Kalama High School, which is Forks High School in Twilight. It is located at 548 China Garden Road in Kalama Washington. I parked in Bella's spot, stepped out of the car and snapped this. The funny thing is that I took it probably six or so minutes after taking the ones on the Interstate and look how bright it is! It's like the sky pulled a Moses and the clouds parted. Weird. Whatever, it made for some good shots of the school and the grounds.

This is the view of the school from the parking lot. The replicated Forks High School Sign was placed here on the corner of the front lawn. Bella drives past it on her way into the parking lot:

This is the front entrance of the school. My guess is that not too many people use it:

This overlooks the parking lot and is visible in the movie when the Cullens come to school sans Edward. It's the scene where Emmett is standing up in the Jeep. Kind of an odd way to build part of a school but it seems to work:

This is where the Cullens park. It is where Edward is standing when the van is going to hit Bella.

Me at the end of the parking lot. I parked our rent a car in Bella's spot.

See? Bella's spot. We were there for quite a while before this woman showed up and tried to ruin my photos. Screw you lady, I took 159 photos of this school, so there!

I maka me laugh!

Me sitting in the Cullen's spot.

These are the steps they use:

Chris took this one of me right in front of the school, well, the side entrance anyway:

Chris and I by Edward's spot:

If you walk up the Cullen steps and turn to the left, then to the right before you go into the school, it takes you up a flight of steps and onto a walk way. That walkway is where Bella met Eric and he told her "You're news baby, front page!"

If you take that walkway right, it leads you here:

And eventually here, which as it turns out is the school district's Admin. office:

This is a view of that walkway if you were to go straight, which is where Bella and Eric were walking.

If you go left at the top of the same steps, it takes you here. You can see the walkway on the right side of the photo. It takes you the other end of the main building.

I was confused as to why there is a playground in the courtyard of a high school and as it turns out, the elementary school is attached.

Across this courtyard and where I am standing is this:

This is from the scene where Edward follows Bella into the woods for the "How long have you been seventeen?" scene:

This is the groovy mural that is partially visible in the film.

It's such a small area but it looks much bigger in the film. They walk right through here:

Edward follows Bella right through here:

I walked through here and up to the woods where they did and this is the view looking back:

This is my poor broken footed husband overlooking the parking lot:

Side entrance:

Last view of the Cullen steps:

Such fun!

I took this through the window. Crappy photo but I like that they're doing The Wizard of Oz! Also, as you pull into the school and park in the lot, look at the sign for the school and on that same post, at the bottom is a box with fliers in it that marks each shooting location at the school. It's kinda neat because they don't have to do that. You can also buy things like Kalama magnets, wrist bands, posters and lanyards in the office, all are pretty cheap.
For those who might not know, these things were filmed here as well:
Picnic table area
PE class scene
Bella's hospital bedroom
Bating cages, when Bella is on the phone with Renee

Next stop: FORKS!

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