Sunday, October 10, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day III ~ Bridge of the Gods ~ Cape Horn

Our next stop on the "Trip de Vampire" was the Bridge of the Gods in Stevenson, Washington. We took 88 to exit 44 which is Cascade Locks, OR. One side of the bridge is Oregon and the other is Washington State. These photos were all taken in Oregon before we drove over the bridge.

The bridge was used in the movie in the very beginning when Charlie drives over it in his police cruiser to Bella home to Forks to live with him.

It's a pretty groovy bridge, as far as bridges go. The scenery from the bridge is breathtaking so I can see why they chose it. Probably my favorite part is underneath and maybe that's why I spent so much time there. All of the pillars are painted with American Indian imagery. Bears, Indians in boats, and other things from during the time before we murdered all the Indians. Oh yeah, Happy Columbus Day.

Anyhoo, I was diggin the bridge underneath. A very large truck went over while I was down there and I thought the sky was falling, but look at me! See how cool I remained?

I'm totally rockin that bridge!

We crossed over the bridge to continue into Washington. Very cool. It cost $1.

Now, back to Portland for a little cut through action so I can get back to St. Helens to see some groovy house.

But wait, we made one quick, accidental stop on the way. Because my husband broke his foot, I have to do all the driving so I often pull over on the side of the road to take photos. I happened to to do that at this amazing spot on the side of a mountain and realized immediately that I was in another Twilight shooting location, Cape Horn. I almost fell down the side of the mountain when I realized where I was!

Funny story, on the way back towards Portland, I had just been bitching to myself on how my toes hurt from all the driving I was doing and then we started to go up this hill and I had to exercise my toes because they were getting stiff. Then we got to the top of Cape Horn and we run into a biker. Not a motorcycle, but I friggen Schwinn! How lazy am I?
The close up shots of Edward and Bella in the tree tops were shot here. You can see the river and the forest in the background. Cape Horn is located off Route 14 near Washougal Washington, but keep an eye out over the side towards the river because it's amazing!
This spot is post card beautiful. It really was amazing and everything is so blue.
These evergreens are hella tall!


  1. You seem like the type of person that would be super fun to go see these things with! My mom would get out take a couple pictures and wanna get back in the car while I just took TONS of landscape pictures!