Sunday, October 10, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day III ~ Multnomah Falls

This was our last morning in Portland. We had plans to get up early, get some breakfast and hit the road on our way to Forks! However, there were a few stops I wanted to make on the way out of town and when I say "on the way out of town" I mean we were going to get in the car and drive East over to Kalama, Corbett, Stevenson and back around the gorge, back to Portland and then cut up towards St. Helens for that one stop I wanted to make. Those who are really into Twilight know what shooting locations are in these areas but I took photos to help with the visuals if you're not in the know.

We left our hotel well before our checkout time and got on our way after an extra yummy breakfast (not) at Mc Donalds with some of Portland's craziest. First stop, Multnomah Falls, which is located at 50000 E Historic Columbia River Highway in Corbett. My GPS said it was in Bridal Veil so I went with that and we went straight there but not before passing some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen! It's in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

There are other falls in the area and we passed them and took some photos before we got to Multnomah Falls. Here are a few photos:

As beautiful and tranquil as this area is, it will forever be known to me as the place where I really, really, really had to go to the bathroom. Thankfully I found a bathroom just down the hill before things got ugly. Anyhoo, beautiful, right?

I loved this tree. My husband sees a face, I just see boobs.

This is the largest snail I've ever seen. I bent under a fence and stretched as far as I could into the restricted area to get my finger in the photo for scale. Wet too. Why are snails always moist?

Multnomah Falls was only in Twilight once. Edward and Bella walk past it on their way to the Baseball Field. There was a scene of them standing on the footbridge in front of it but that scene was cut. It's on the DVD extras though so you can still see them on the bridge.

As we drove in from Wahkenna Falls, which was about 1/2 mile, if even I was blown away when I saw this over the trees as we parked the car and then to walk around the little store and see this beautiful scene in the distance, no wonder they chose to film here!

As if being at the bottom of the falls wasn't cool enough, we decided to walk up to the footbridge. I passed a lot of mossy trees and walk ways on the way up, which I just love! It really was a beautiful walk up under a canopy of some of the greenest trees I've ever seen!

This is my proverbial check out my fillings pose from the footbridge:

Self photo from the footbridge:

This is standing on the footbridge looking out over the water and a train track:

Me at the very bottom:

I climbed a little higher than the footbridge without Chris. The fact that he made it up to the bridge with a broken foot is awesome so I wasn't going to ask him to go any further. It was so close to the falls up there that it was getting my camera wet. I had to cover it with my hat and water was all over my face. It's funny because this photo makes it look like nothing but it was very powerful.

Next stop, a bridge. Miles to go before I sleep......

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  1. I am sooooo enjoying reading about your Twilight trip! I'm "working" from home today but really been on your blog! LOL!! I've been laughing out loud,you are so funny! I fell in love with the Olympic Peninsula too. I never thought of going to Oregon to visit the filming spots! This looks sooooooo cool!