Saturday, October 9, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day II ~ St. Helens

The drive to St. Helens was an easy one. Although I have to say that the speed limit around here sucks. Driving 35 miles an hour blows! Most the the speed limits I saw were between 35-50 and that just isn't for me. I feel like I could walk faster than that, but I digress. It was a beautiful drive. I drove over a groovy bridge that reminded me of the Batman building in downtown Nashville.

I got to St. Helens in just under 30 minutes. I don't remember who told me 45 but my guess is that that person obeys the speed limit.

When I parked my car I went right into Experience Twilight, located at 294 S 1st Street. and saw Jessica who had been on the bus tour with me. I looked around for a bit and met a Robert Pattinson look alike who actually does look like Robert Pattinson. He came on our walking tour with us around some of the shooting locations in St. Helens. Even with all the research I did before the trip, I was surprised how many shooting locations were in such close proximity. What a great thing for their store to be right in the middle of everything! I would think having a guy so close who looks so much like Rob is a win, win. I have no idea how they got hooked up with him but it was fun meeting him. Nice guy. Weird (I mean that in a good way) but nice. I had a photo taken with him, which was part of the tour but I'm still waiting for the Jpeg.

Check him out at his website or on Facebook. Very entertaining:

He has a blog too which you can get to from his Facebook page.

Our first stop was Angel's Hair Salon which is located at 251 S 1st St in Saint Helens. It was made into the dress shop, Petite Jolie which was the store in Port Angeles where Bella goes with Angela and Jessica while they try on dresses for prom. It is past this window that the guys walk and knock on the window. They have Catherine Hardwicke's director's chair. It, like the rest of St. Helens was decorated for Halloween.

This is the courthouse which is visible from the dress shop in the movie as Bella sits by the window.

Next stop, Bella's Alley, maybe 10 feet from Angel's Hair Salon, if even. It is located at 260 S 2nd Street. It's where Bella was walking when she came out of the bookstore and the guys spotted her, causing her to turn around and go back the way she came. She was walking in this direction, back towards the street. The Thunderbird and Whale bookstore is just over my right shoulder.

This is the alley from the other direction, which I think is cooler:

I visited St. Helens twice. I went for the walking tour with Jessica and then I went back the next day with my husband because I totally forgot to stop by Charlie and Bella's house which was literally five minutes away. That's why I'm wearing two different shirts here. I decided to add them together as to be less confusing.

I can't tell a lie, I had A LOT of fun in this alley!

So did my husband:

This is me running down Bella's alley, because, why not?

This is the end of the alley and the Thunderbird and Whale bookstore is just up the hill on the left. It's actually an attorney's office in real life.

Thunderbird and Whale is behind me and to the left.

"Thunderbird and Whale Bookstore" is located at 260 S 2nd Street, just behind Bella's alley and next to the parking lot where Edward saves her. I thought it was a cute building:

When standing in the front yard of the bookstore and facing away from it, over my left shoulder is the parking lot when Edward saves Bella:

Me in the parking lot. You can see the Worthington sign over my shoulder. That's Edward's exit route.

When the guys heard Bella into this parking lot, there are some people standing on this landing.

The Worthington sign:

Edward's exit route from the parking lot after he gets Bella. He goes out the wrong way. You can see the Columbia Theater in the background:

This is the Columbia Theater which is located on 1st Street:

Now we turned back towards the store to make a couple more stops. We past a Halloween decoration that Ian (the Rob look alike) had no problem using as a prop. He really does look like Rob. I don't think these photos do him justice. One of the photos sucks but it's not like I can reshoot it:
Next stop, Jilly's. It is located at 299 S. 1st Street. Jilly's wasn't in the movie but this is where they bought the prom dresses that the girls were trying on. I read online once that she has the prom dresses that were used hanging in her shop but when I was there she mentioned never getting them back after she loaned them for the shoot.
The lady has a photo inside the store of her daughter, or granddaughter (I can't remember now which) with Rob. She's very proud of her Twilight connection, which is nice. She seemed like a lot of fun and endlessly interesting.
Next stop, The Bloated Toad Restaurant, located at 330 S. 1st Street. It's an empty building that is for sale right now but I can see the big picture. I was able to peek inside to see the small space where they filmed the scene where Edward takes Bella to dinner after saving her. The name of the restaurant in the book is called Bella Italia and it's based on the real Bella Italia restaurant in Port Angeles, but more on that later:

Me in front of "The Bloated Toad"

A couple of photos of the insdie of "The Bloated Toad." They built the whole little set where Edward and Bella ate in this little room. I'm sure shooting was super cramped:

This was our last stop on the walking tour which took approximatly 30 minutes or so because all of these shooting locations were so close together. We walked back up to Experience Twilight where I looked around the store and bought a few cool things. These are photos of the store and other cool things on 1st Street:

Thanks again to Experience Twilight for the walking tour! Lots of cool things to see in St. Helens and I don't think people realize that. There was one more thing I wanted to see while I was in St. Helens and this location is the reason I came back the next day because I forgot about it. More about that in a later post.


  1. What a great tour! How fun?! These pics are amazing. Glad to see you had so much fun and met a RP look-alike that actually like RP LOL!

  2. Michelle you are so funny! I love reading your posts!! Thanks for all the sweet things you had to say about Experience Twilight, it is very sweet! I was so glad to have met you and I hope you come down again soon!

    2 side notes! First , don't know if I mentioned on the tour but the building that Experience Twilight is in was actually in the movie. As Edward is driving down 1st, just as he laughs and says put on your seat belt, that sour building lol!
    Also, we met Ian by accident! He wandered in here one day when his printer was broken lol. In fact the first time Mom and I thought it was Rob!