Saturday, October 9, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day II ~ Portland ~Part V

As soon as I got back from the Catherine Hardwicke tour, which let us out at my hotel, I ran upstairs and changed. I was tired of wearing jeans because I thought I was supposed to and decided to put on some shorts. I had a walking tour with Jessica from Experience Twilight in St. Helens and while I didn't want to be late, I had some time to play with. I decided to make a stop or two on the way out of Portland. St. Helens was supposed to be just under 45 minutes or so away and I had an hour and a half to get there.

Before I go on, and I'll mention this again later, but if you're planning a trip out here and are interested in all things Twilight, BUY THIS BOOK:

I bought several books before I went and this was the only one I used daily. The others spent too much time sniffing the throne of the actors and all involved and that isn't why I buy a travel guide. It really was very helpful and started me out in the right direction. Kathy and Jessica did a great job getting all the info in one place. It's nice to get info like this from people who live there and know what they're talking about. My GPS disagreed with a few of the locations but we ended up getting there. My GPS is about as familiar with the Northwest as I am.

Anyhoo, first stop on my own: The Ballet Studio.
I'd been to the ballet studio once before with my husband when we first got into town but I kinda missed the sun so I took a chance when I had the time and went back by myself. The weather was perfect and the sun was bright.

The name of the dance studio in Twilight (the movie) is Mimi's School of Dance. In the movie it is supposed to be in Pheonix but it is actually located at 800 SE 10th Street in Portland and is a building that is empty and for sale, a current theme in Portland. I have no idea where the interior scenes were shot but this was used for all exterior shots. I love the big windows!

Because I love the big windows I took some shots through the windows. Aren't they groovy?

Every nice corner deserves live nude women on the opposite corner, right?
This is the side of the building. The sign that says Mimi is white and on the opposite end.
I love this lamp post in the side of the building.
This is the back of the building where I parked the car. I liked the steps.

Now, off to St. Helens!


  1. I am glad you were able to use the book so much! That is so cool to hear!!

  2. I got the little paper version of her book from the shop, along with 2 shirts!