Friday, October 8, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day II ~ Portland ~Part IV

Next stop: The Cullen House.

The Cullen house is just outside of downtown Portland. The address is 3333 NW Quimby. For those who don't know, a lot of the characters from The Simpsons were named after Portland streets and this is one of them. This was my second visit to the Cullen house but the last one had been kinda late and the photos were dark. I didn't know when I went the first time that we'd be going there on the tour because they gave us almost zero info. My guess is they did this because they made it up as they went along. I had to send an email asking what kind of shoes to wear. I'm glad I asked because I noticed a lot of the girls were wearing cute sandals and crazy heels. I made the right choice in my hiking boots. It helped me climb anywhere I wanted without fear of breaking my neck. These first two photos I took during my first stealth attack on the Cullen house. That's why they're darker than the rest.

This neighborhood is sweet. All of the homes look like they're sitting on the front of a magazine. Lots of great colours and the designs aren't something I'm not used to. Everyone seemed to really care about their yards and the plants and flowers were amazing. I took several photos from the bus on the way in. It was all pretty groovy:

There were two buses in this tour and the one that I was not in apparently had a very low profile. He attempted to make it up the hill but bottomed out so the people in that bus had to walk up. Our bus was able to make it up and let us out just in front of the mailbox on the corner of NW Quimby and NW 33rd Avenue, which is just at the base of the private drive. When our door opened someone from the other bus came on and told us that the homeowner didn't want us up there. Apparently Creation Entertainment didn't bother to ask permission which is just amazingly stupid. Not surprising because they seem to fly by the seat of their pants but annoying none the less. Thankfully they liked Catherine Hardwicke and said they'd let us on if she came up and talked to them. I can't blame them. I'm sure they get a lot of crazies wanting to come see their home. Maybe not as many at once like this but I could see how it would be annoying. It really was nice of them to stop doing their yard work and not only let us look around and take photos but to talk to us about the house and pose for pictures. They were very nice. It wouldn't have been too far off base for them to be annoyed at Creation for sending all of these people to a private residence without getting permission. How hard would a phone call have been? Apparently it's much easier to just sit on your ass and cross your fingers.

The home is on a private drive at the end of Quimby. As you walk up what is a bit of a hill to the house, there is nothing but trees and a forest like area on the left. In the front yard, just in front of the house is a HUGE drop off. How you raise kids here is beyond me. I mean their boys are older but I don't see how you'd have small children here. My kids would go right for the drop off and it is so deep that I couldn't even see the bottom. I took a couple of photos to show the drop:

This is what you see of the house as you walk up the private drive and it's the same basic shot that you see in most books and online. Most people don't have the balls to actually walk up the driveway to take a photo of the front of the house. I'm glad I got a chance to do that:

This is the front on the house from the left side. Edward's bedroom window is on the top left side. This is the window he jumps out of after throwing Bella on his back. He hits the tree and says "You better hang on tight spider monkey."

This is the biggest cantilever I've ever seen on a private home. It's beautiful and I'm sure structurally sound but I don't see how. Granted, I know nothing about architecture but I just don't see how this holds weight. There's even a deck up there!

This is the front door. I dig the stone steps:

Who says you can't go home?

The door to Edward's room:

This is where they walk around the rectangular pillar inside and Bella says, "Not the moats." On the bottom steps is where Edward says to Bella, 'this is the one place we don't have to hide." On the second steps is where they shot the 'We matriculate a lot." scene:

Edward's room:

Me on the steps:

Love this shot:

I took 247 photos of this house. I know that's just crazy and I probably took more photos here than most people took all day.

This was the last stop on our tour. I had a good time but was ready to get out on my own while Chris was spending the day with a friend of ours in Seattle.

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  1. lol love this post! I was on the stupid Bus, which actually got stuck when he was trying to go up, it was super freaky! And I agree, I thought it was, lets say "Less then organized", how they didn't call ahead.
    These photos are great! You are an amazing Photographer!