Friday, October 8, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day II ~ Portland ~ Part III

The View Point Inn is 22 miles outside of Portland overlooking the Columbia Gorge. The address is 40301 E. Larch Mountain Road in Corbett Oregon. It was built in 1924 and has a restaurant that is supposed to be really, really good. I checked prices on staying at the Inn while planning our trip and it wasn't too bad. The inside is amazing and was glad I was able to talk the guy, who was one of the owners into letting me "go to the bathroom." I think my accent helped. Not that I played it up. I swear. I was shocked that he let me because I have heard nothing good about the guys that own it. I mean I heard the food is great and the Inn is beautiful, which it is but it seems like online it's one bad story after another about how they're crooks who don't return deposits and are rude to brides who get married there. There are so many stories that it leads me to believe there must be a ring of truth to it. There was even a point when one of the guys couldn't enter a county building without an escort. I once worked for two guys like this. No fun. Anyhoo, this is the gorge on the drive in:

The drive to the Inn, which is up 84 East, to the top of a hill and a left onto Scenic Highway is a beautiful drive around the Columbia Gorge. It was the first building we past on Larch Mountain Road and as soon as the trees parted, I recognized it. It really is a nice building although it looks like it could use a new roof. There was a fire on December 18, 2008 (after Twilight had filmed there) that started near the chimney or in the kitchen (depending on who you talk to) and destroyed some of the upper floor. At the time the owners were trying to raise money for a new roof and chimney so hopefully the insurance money helped with the chimney but I say they still need a new roof. This photo shows some of the roof I was talking about.

This is the main sign for the View Point Inn and you can see, again, how close to the street it is. Our bus is parked just to the left. I thought it was funny that as we were pulling up, Catherine Hardwicke mentioned that she was worried about seeing the owners because she wasn't sure if they were still mad at her. Apparently they wanted to be paid to be in the film and weren't. Kinda keeps up with their reputation. If that were my business, I would have been in the movie for free. Just showcase my business. Oh well, their loss.

This is a view of the gorge from the lawn just in front of the Inn. Beautiful!

They keep this replica of the casino prom theme on the left side of the lawn by the street. I'm shocked someone hasn't stolen it. Edward and Bella walked under it to have their prom photo taken.

This is from just above the fountain looking up at the Inn.

The fountain:

Some of the others in my tour. You can see the house and the fountain.

This is me on the steps. The door behind me is the door they entered through to get into prom:

The window on the top left is the one Victoria used to watch them at prom in the last scene of the movie. I loved Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in Twilight and also in New Moon although I could have lived without them making her hair day glow red. However, I absolutely hated Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. She ruined her by making her kind of a pussy. Rachelle had a sexiness that Bryce just wasn't capable of. I mean have you seen Lady in the Water? Funny story. I asked Catherine what she thought about the change in Victoria and she wasn't a fan and told us that Bryce had originally been offered the part for Twilight but turned it down because it wasn't a big enough role. So annoying. So she takes the role once the movies are huge and fucking drives Victoria straight into the ground. Makes me glad she died in Eclipse so I don't have to deal with that mess again.
This was taken from inside the bus:

They have something just at the bottom of the steps called the Twilight Walk of fame. You can purchase a brick and have it placed. Apparently you can put whatever you want on it because I saw lots of Twilight things, websites and "Will you marry mes." I took a few photos of the different bricks:

Bellow is the door where Edward and Bella enter the prom. It's where he lifts her up because of her broken foot.

Back to the bus and off to our next stop.


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