Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day II ~ Portland ~ Part II

For our next stop we headed to Oxbow Regional Park. Oxbow is located at 3010 SE Oxbow Pkwy in Gresham. I took photos along the way as not to forget anything. Some people take notes, I take pictures. I wanted to remember where everything was.

Catherine Hardwicke explained the scene that was shot here:

This is the "How long have you been seventeen" scene:

After Edward follows Bella behind the school and up into the woods, this is where she tells him she knows he's a vampire:

They have the actual spot where they stood roped off. I'm not really sure why since they walked from around the trees and that isn't roped off but whatever. I'm sure if you'd asked they'd say they didn't want people traipsing through that one spot, which I get but I'm just not sure why it's just that one spot. The sticks were falling down so I stood them back up to make a better photos. I ended up taking a ton of photos of this area. The moss on the trees is amazing. As I said before if I lived in this area I would photograph these trees all day long. Every one is more beautiful than the last. They're all wrapped in green moss like I've never seen. While it's fun to be where Twilight was filmed, it's also really nice to be surrounded with the best views I've ever seen. I could spend every day in this park.

Pocket Edward in Oxbow:

Catherine signed my pocket Edward:

What the hell is this? No one could tell me:

If you look in the back of this photo you can see our bus. That shows you how close to the road this location was as well. Maybe 25 feet off the road if even. Even with that, I have no idea how they found all of these beautiful, true to the book locations.

I also got Catherine to sign my Twilight Director's Notebook. Something you should definitely buy before taking a trip here:

Then back on the bus to our next stop!

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