Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day II ~ Portland ~Part I

I've decided that since I saw so much and took so many photos that I will break up the days in one or two stops a piece. It might get confusing but I will tell you when I'm on my own as opposed to on a tour.

On day 2 I had to get up early for my bus tour with Catherine Hardwicke. I waited in line in the lobby and met some really nice people including one of the owners of Experience Twilight in St. Helens. I really liked her. Her name is Jessica and she helped me with a lot of the planning for my trip and gave me great advice.

Catherine Hardwicke is a tiny little thing. I'm not sure why I thought she would be tall. Don't you know I ended up sitting next to her for the majority of the bus ride because I was in the very front seat! I was so close that I could have counted her nose hairs. I mean I didn't, but you feel me.

We took the 224 out to Oregon City and our first stop was the Stone Cliff Inn. It sits high atop a big ole hill and the bus couldn't get up so we had to walk, which was fine. I was so excited that I practically skipped up that damn thing and it was pretty steep. It must suck in the winter. This photo is from the bottom as we got off the bus and started to walk.

This photo is from the top looking down:

In the wooded area behind the Inn is where they filmed some of the forrest scenes.

"My own personal brand of heroin" scene:

'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" scene:

This is where Catherine explained the scene. The low branch behind her is the one Edward was on when talking to Bella about, "We're different from others of our kind" and "I still don't know if I'll be able to control myself."

The "I'm designed to kill" scene:

The "Everything about me invites you in" scene:

The "This is why we don't show ourselves in the sunlight" scene:

This is just to show you how close to the street everything is. This is from the scene above:

Everything is soooo green and this is through a bus window.

Our next stop was The Carver Cafe, located at 16471 SE Highway 224 in Damascus. It seemed to be less than five minutes from The Stone Cliff Inn. It's right on 224 so there was always traffic. When we got there, there were people eating (why would there not be, it's still breakfast time) and even a family sitting at Charlie and Bella's table. How weird it must be to be having breakfast with your kids and a bunch of chicks run in and eyeball you. They knew why but still, odd.

As with most places that I've seen from movies, it was smaller than you think. I think it's been there since the 50s or so and it looks it. That's not a critisim, it is just clearly an older place. I didn't speak to anyone who worked there because I had no need to but it seemed inviting. They clearly embrace their Twilight connection. It's even on their webpage and they come right out and tell you about Charlie and Bella's table and the stool Stephanie Meyer sat in during that cafe scene.

If I'm being honest, this wasn't high on my list of Twilight things to see, but it was cool.

This is the tree where Mike Newton shook his ass. "Bow chicka, bow bow.."

Then we got back on the bus for our next stop. More later.

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