Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Fell in Love With Johnny Flynn

Holy shit, I love Johnny Flynn!

I knew I loved him before I went to see him last night but now I REALLY love him! He's hella talented! My husband was just along for the ride but even he admitted that he's amazing. I stood right in front of the stage, directly in front of the mic stand. There was no better place to be than where I was. I could have counted chin hairs if I'd wanted.

This was basically my view for the night. The girl next to me got a kick out of it when I took this photo:

I took a few small videos of him since I was trying not to use my flash. If I'd busted off photo s like I always do, he would have been blind by the end of the show. I gave him a break and tried not to use my flash. The videos are not intrusive. I posted a bit of my favorite song of his at the bottom of this post. He didn't play every song I wanted to hear and I was surprised he didn't play Kentucky Pill. He wasn't with his band and was just playing acoustically, which was nice. Kentucky Pill might be a hard one to play that way. Whatever the reason, I forgave him because everything else that he played was amazing.

I'd almost ordered his CD last week from Singapore. I couldn't find it anywhere legally because it wasn't out yet so my choices were waiting (not what I do well) or Singapore. I decided to wait and I'm glad I did. I not only bought it at the show, but I bought it from him. I handed him my money and then asked him to sign it. He asked my name and I told him. Then he started writing and looked up at me from behind his bangs and asked, "With an e on the end?" Boys who can't spell totally rock! Of course my husband just told me that in some places there is no e on the end. Whatever, talented AND hot. He can spell my name however he likes. I also pulled out A Larum and asked him to sign that as well. That CD is getting burned into my CD player. I listen to it daily.

I had no idea what to expect when I bought these tickets. I've heard one other person speak of him in my whole life and she lives in Nashville. She's the one who sent me his song over a year ago. He had some people open up for him and their names are listed on the flyer above. They were pretty talented as well. Caleb Stine was my favorite of the bunch. Turns out he's from Baltimore and plays here often. I will totally see him again.

It's pretty groovy to see this guitar because he's always playing it. I think it's from the 40s. It looks like it has a vegetable strainer on it. I think of that every time I see it so it's easy to pick out. It was beautiful:

He was a really nice guy. Very British, very soft spoken and a bit funny. He also has the smoothest hands ever and the smallest waist I've ever seen on a man. I wanted to make him something to eat. He looks like he could use it. He's the kinda guy you want to buy a beer for. Not because you want to get him drunk but because he looks like he could use the carbs.

Anyhoo, LOVE. HIM. Can't wait to see him again!

Brown Trout Blues:


  1. Great video clip. I like the song but I really think my husband would love his music. I've got to go hunt down a CD now.

  2. yah! i was mentioned in our blog! i feel worthy now.

  3. hey! stumbled upon your blog while checking out some johnny flynn pictures. All i can say is 'lucky you'! As i live in India, I can only dream about meeting him or any of my fav artists. :(