Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Cullen House

Chris and I made a few stops tonight after we ate. I talked him into going to the ballet studio and The Cullen house. The ballet studio is (like most buildings in Portland) vacant so I was able to take as much time as I wanted and as many photos as my heart desired. This is always a plus with me!

The windows are huge so I was able to peer inside and see all the windows that lined the long wall. How they made this thing look as good as it did in the film is beyond me. I guess they used the same tricks that the guys in the studio use on Taylor Swift, which is nothing short of pure fucking magic. It's odd to see it looking so unmovie like.
It was getting late and I was worried about losing the sun that was rapidly disappearing so I snapped these photos and headed to the Cullen house. I'm certain that this is the most beautiful home I've ever seen in my entire life.
I did a lot of research before I came out here so I knew that the home had been designed for a Nike executive so it's been dubbed The Nike House as well as The Cullen House. It looks just like it does in the movie although the surroundings are a bit different. In the front yard is almost a gigantic Saarlac Pit. I hope those people don't have kids because Owen would run right for that! It really is a beautiful area. I think these homes all go for well over a million and this house must go for a crazy amount. It's so green back there. Totally private. Well, unless you've got a crazy Twilight chick sneakin all up in your shit!
As I said before, I was racing the sun so these photos could be better. It was getting dark and I snuck onto private property to get the shots I got. I'm hoping the bus tour I'm taking tomorrow will go to the house so I'll get to go again but if it doesn't, I can deal.

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  1. That is soo cool, I am so jealous! I love twilight can't wait to see you post more pics!!!