Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Halloween is a busy time. I have costumes to make, or get together. I have some sort of treats to prepare or purchase, depending on the party. The public school my son goes to only allows you to bring store bought items in, which means I can't make, but I get it. Some of those kids are allergic to the wind so keeping that stuff straight is probably a full time job.

Owen goes to two schools so that means two parties! I don't mind two parties. It's not like I have to make two costumes. He's a viking this year so I did make the big fur vest but I was able to buy the hat and pants. The only thing that sucks about the parties is that they're both on the same day. He's got one at 11 AM and one at 2 PM. Both involve Trick or Treating at the schools and one of them (the later) has a parade of costumes, which is very cool. Of course the second one is in a public school so it isn't called a Halloween party, it's called a Fall Festival Celebration. I've never understood why the public school system doesn't have the balls to call things what they are. I mean you get off for Yom Kippur but we can't have Christmas parties anymore. We have Holiday celebrations. Why don't we just call Yom Kippur, Atonement Day Celebration! It's really kinda stupid.

Anyhoo, so I've been super busy getting a ll this together. Owen is a viking and River is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I haven't taken any great photos of them yet because I haven't had time. I will post them once I do. River looks hella cute and Owen looks like a friggen rockstar, as always. I'm glad we found a way to work his hair into a costume since it might be his last year with it.

I'm just happy that River can walk down the sidewalk in her ruby slippers this year!

Tonight also marks the first real babysitter for my kids. She comes highly recommended or she wouldn't be coming to hang out with my golden offspring. I bought Chris and I tickets to see Johnny Flynn! I love this guy! He's an Indie kinda folksie guy from London. He's the lead for Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit but I think he's just coming alone, which is fine. I'm pretty excited! I know only one other person that likes him like I do and have never heard anyone else speak of him, not even on the radio so I don't know what to expect. I feel like I'll be the only one there who knows who he is and the words to most of his songs. Also, his new album comes out tomorrow. I've never seen anyone tour before an album comes out. It will be weird to hear him play songs I don't know. I could have purchased the CD from Singapore but if I'd done that it probably still wouldn't be here. I also found it illegally but decided to jut wait.

Anyway, so excited!

This is his new song which is free on iTunes:

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