Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Watching New Moon

In preparation for our trip to Forks and the surrounding areas my husband promised to watch all three Twilight movies before we go. I'm trying to give him some sort of idea of why I love them so much. I know he'll never get it but I just want him to have an idea, that's all I ask. It's not like he is going to read the books so the movies are all I've got here.

I thought that New Moon would be his least favorite. I wasn't really sure why. I just though some of it was poorly acted (Jacob) and it was a bit distracting with the lip chewing (Kristen Stewart.) However, I was wrong. He liked New Moon better than Twilight and after he explained it, I understood. He likes the Indians and the fighting. Makes sense I guess. Guys like action and boobs and sense there aren't any boobs in this movie, he has to dig the action.

I like the idea that he'll see these places from the movie when we go. I'm pretty excited about the bus tour I'll be taking when we get to Portland. He isn't going which is totally fine. I can go on my own and have a wonderful time even though I don't know anyone. I've talked to more than a few people on my Internet travels who are going but I'm sure once I get there I will be the only person by myself. Totally fine. More time to take photos and soak it all in.

In New Moon, the book, the trip to Italy, although important was my least favorite. I could live without the Volturi to be honest. I mean I think they're necessary but I can't stand Jane in the movie. She was written so much better than Dakota Fanning can offer. I'm not saying she can't act but she's terrible as Jane. Also, New Moon is the last with Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria which pains me. I think Brice Dallas Howard dumbs her down a bit in Eclipse. I mean I hated how they made her hair day glow in NM but I'd take her with day glow hair over BDH any day. Makes me glad there's no Victoria in Breaking Dawn. Cameron Bright as Alec was a good choice. That kid freaks me out just looking at him.

So, one more movie to go. We're going to see Eclipse this weekend since it's being released to celebrate Bella's Birthday. S excited to see it again. Best of the three for sure!

I posted the above photo because seeing The Count smack the sparkle off of Edward makes me giggle. The photo below does not make me giggle.

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