Saturday, September 11, 2010

Watching Eclipse

Tonight my husband and I finally got a chance to see Eclipse. This is my third time but his first. I can honestly say that I could watch that movie ten times in a row and never tire of it. Since it's my favorite of the three I know when it comes out that I'll just put that baby on repeat. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen Twilight. I stopped counting at forty.

My husband agrees that Eclipse is the best of the three movies. There's killing and fighting scenes and a lot more Indians. I thought that would be a bad thing because Taylor Lautner's acting annoys me a bit but I guess I was wrong. He didn't seem as bad as he did in New Moon. Parts of New Moon gave me cold chills because the acting was so bad. I was glad that that only happened once in Eclipse when Jacob and Bella were on the mountain and he's bitching about hopefully dying so she doesn't have to decide. Totally over acted but whatever, I can deal.

I don't mind that they added the speech for Bella at the end. I didn't think it was necessary but I guess a little "I'm woman, hear me roar" never hurt anybody. I would have been OK thinking that she chose to die just because she loved him.

Eclipse comes out on DVD on Decemeber 4th so I've got time unless I want to download it form the internet but I'm trying not to do that. We'll see if I can hold out.

I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn.

Again, one photo makes me giggle and one doesn't.

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