Monday, September 20, 2010

Uggs ~ Australian For Groovy!

I know nothing about Australian except that Foster's is Australian for beer, people yell "ausi, ausi, ausi" and expect you to yell "oy, oy, oy" and I know they have an ass load of great white sharks off the barrier reef. I did some research last year during shark week and it just made me sick to my stomach. I'd wouldn't go snorkeling in a lake much less shark infested waters. People do weird shit sometimes.

Anyhoo, I finally found a reason today to love Australia, a country I've never been to and have zero plans to visit. The thought of that plane ride gives me cold chills. I only fly when it is absolutely necessary of if there's a vampire waiting at the end of my connecting flight. I'm totally in love with my new boots that I may or may not need on my trip to the Olympic Peninsula.

My In Laws gave me a Nordstroms gift certificate for my 40th birthday and I just got around to using it. I don't generally shop at Nordstroms so I had no idea what to get but when I spotted these boots I knew they were in the running. I never saw myself as someone who would buy Uggs because they seem a little pretentious to me. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren't. I'm not really sure. Perhaps they are if you wear them in July. I've seen people do that and it makes me giggle. Mine will sit here, in their box until I take them on my trip. Once it's crazy cold around here I will bust them out and probably wear them often. You can't beat a great pair of black boots that I ended up paying $33 for!

I had to special order them to fit my big clown feet, something I got from my father. The largest size they had was a 10. The guy tried to tell me they run big (so does my ass, honey) so I should think about getting a 10 but after I tried them on I knew (as always) that I needed the 11. Every single time someone has said that to me, I always needed the 11. That's why I start to giggle in the middle of their sentence. I've had these big ole' clown feet since the 7th grade so we go way back. Hell, my rainboots that I also got for this trip) are a 12!

It's been a great year for Michelle and footwear. Black footwear, that is. I can't wait to wear these bitches! I did try them on again today and the part of my foot that hurt (not broken) was bothered by being in these boots. That shit better pass quickly because I AM WEARING THESE FUCKING BOOTS!

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