Saturday, September 25, 2010

That Explains Why I Didn't Hear the Screams

So much for a mental health day.

Every trip has three snags. I think right now, we're up to five and I haven't even packed yet.

I thought it so annoying that I had some camera issues and don't even get me started on what Dell has done to me this week and when I hurt my foot last week and had to get the x-ray, I thought that was it. That was plenty. I'd had enough shit to deal with to make me stressed out up until that point and was glad when I made it through last week with my foot not being broken. Then today happened.

My husband was in the back yard loading a bunch of shit into the van so we could take it to the dump. I had gotten Owen dressed already and was back in River's room getting her dressed. Her room is all the way in the back of the house so that explains why I didn't hear the screams.

I had a large bag of clothes sitting on my front porch waiting for someone from FreeCycle to come and pick them up so when I heard a man say, "Hi, is your mom home? Could you go get her?" I freaked out and ran into the kitchen. I didn't see a stranger leaning into my house but my neighbor who had apparently heard Chris scream. Turns out Chris stepped into a hole in the backyard that I've been complaining about since we've been here. It's a fucking death trap. He said he heard a pop so I assumed it was broken. Yay, just in time for our trip!
Anyhoo, I loaded the family up and we drove him to the hospital. Turns out it is a bad sprain with a possible chip in his bone. The "pop" he heard was the ligament pulling away from the bone and taking some bone with it. He's in a lot of pain and they gave him Percocet which he's yet to take.
It's going to be a long week. There is a chance that I may have to make this Twilight trip without him which I really don't want to do but if he's on crutches, all that walking is out. At least his parents are set to come so me going isn't an issue. I can't reschedule because it's a one time thing or I probably would.
We're taking this week slow and I'm pretty much gonna be his bitch. He needs to keep it up and ice it every two hours. So, I now have three children instead of two. It will be a miracle if all the shit that went wrong this week is righted before Friday. God help Dell if they fuck me over again.
I guess my mental health day will have to wait.


  1. AAAAAUGH!!!!!

    Well, I hope that your trip will go well - despite leaving three kids at home - they'll be in the capable hands of your in-laws, hey? They say that these things tend to happen in 3's, so I hope you're all done for a while!

    Visiting from LBS tea party.

  2. My deepest sympathies....girl, you're going to have your hands full!

  3. Ouch! Hang in there Mama. Thinkin of ya

  4. So sorry, hope things turn around soon,

  5. Awww very sorry to hear that. I hope all has a happy ending (and the three kids instead of two is very challenging indeed. Try to sneak in some mental health time when you can!).

  6. stopping by from LBS to sympathize - I hope that hubby heals quickly and that you and the kids manage well while he's on rest...

    Heather from Acting Balanced