Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday ~ I Still Hate JC Penney

This morning I had my re shoot at JC Penney portrait studio to retake the photo that JC Penney deemed "indecent" of my 19 month old daughter. In case you're new to this, the "indecent" photo is posted above. I won't go into all the reasons that this photo is not "indecent" because A, I've already done that and B, any idiot can see that there is nothing "indecent" about this photo.

So, this is the new photo of River to replace the old one I won't be able to hang on my wall. This photo will be printed in 10X13 and will be hanging in my bedroom. I like that I was able to make the second photo tell the story of this whole incident. This will be something I can later explain and tell her how stupid it was and that some sexist asshole found her photo "indecent" while clearly thinking the same photo of a boy(s) is totally OK. She has the exact outfit on, fairly wings and all! I just made the shirt over the weekend and added it to cover her "indecent" parts. I like how River has her arms out as if saying, "What, say something!" Yeah, that's my kid!

JC Penney Portrait Studio thinks that this photo of five boys that they use as a display in their studio is totally fine. I'm begging someone to tell me how this is OK and my daughter's photo isn't and don't say it's because she's a girl! Say something that makes sense. Say something that isn't sexual discrimination and doesn't open you up for a lawsuit. Also, if you're JC Penney and you're commenting on my blog again, don't tell me to call your customer service department when you're all robots and spew the same rehearsed lingo. It's so tired.

I'm sure someone could possibly find this homoerotic if that's what they were looking for. I can certainly see five sets of nipples so why is THIS OK? There's always some crackpot who can turn a photo of beautiful children into smut. I was just blindsided by that asshole being a JC Penney Portrait Studio employee. ''

I may leave when I feel I've been wronged but as a general rule, I like to shove it up your ass on the way out the door.


  1. Crazy!! That is loop-the-loop, as you say, when their own promotional shot is of BOYS without shirts on. What's the difference when it's a tiny little girl like yours???
    Ahhh, politics and nitpicking always makes me crazy.
    At least you can laugh about it and made a good blog post out of it!
    (found you on PYHO)

  2. Hi just calling by via Wednesday BLog hop. I am already following but its good to see what's happening. Doesn't seem right does it. They sexualise children from such a young age these day. Why not let them just be kids. Beautiful photo. I have just bought my little girl Fairy Wings for her birthday. She is going to love them.

  3. Is the promo shot they use meant to be a kiddie A&F ad? that's what it reminds me of! I'm pretty sure most of my photos until I was two are of me naked - I'm not even sure if I actually had any clothing other than diapers. Your daughter's picture is adorable!

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  6. Wow!!

    I love what you did!! Way to handle it and I hope the "powers that be" get to see your response!

  7. I love that you called out the JCP blog responder before they even had a chance. I expect no less from you :)

  8. The JCP blogger commented on my first post about this. I just didn't want them to do it again and waste the time it took for me to read it. It's all crap.

  9. Are you kidding me? Your first photo was INDECENT? WHAT? I'll have to read your first post - but what the he!!? Ridiculous. Just utter nonsense!

    I <3 you already. Will you be my friend?

  10. OMG! That is ridiculous! There is nothing indecent about the picture you wanted. Man, JCP would definitely think I was indecent all around! I always take pics of kids nakie with wings or baby legs and hats in my studio!