Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tonight my husband and I did something romantic. Let me set the scene.

We walked on an expansive white beach to stand with our toes deep in the warm white sand on a day that had been filled with promise. As we contemplated an elephant ride, we gazed out on the clear blue Indian Ocean that was filled with small boats carrying local fishermen to and from their duties. We saw two beautiful Jungle Bush quail up ahead, under a tree and I commented on how delicious they looked. I wore a beautiful soft pink Lotus in my hair and wondered if I'd be chased down by a Hindu who consider them sacred. The cool water lapped at our toes as we wondered where we could find a temple where women weren't allowed. Marveling at the beautiful warm sun that created a perfect tropical day, we finished our Ceylon tea, the local drink of choice. My hair blew in the slight breeze as the coconut trees swayed to and fro. I turned to my husband to ask if this was how we planned to spend our forth wedding anniversary. He thought for a moment before looking deep into my inviting blue eyes and said, make sure he gives you a reference number.
We didn't go on vacation. We called Dell! Here's what pissed me off about this country, why is it OK for a company, like Dell AND the one that my husband works for to outsource all of their jobs to India? I mean Sahil was nice and helpful but still. I don't get how it's OK to have an American flag flapping in the breeze in your commercials while I have to call India when the laptop you sold me has a fucking defect!

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