Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's All About ME ~ My Favorites

Now that I am thankfully all done with my self portraits I can sit back and look at them and pick my favorites from the month. The ones I chose aren't my favorites because I look great. They are my favorites for many other reasons. I listed below each photo that I picked out of the 31, why I love them.

This is the self portrait from my actual birthday and it is my favorite from the whole month. Go figure! Maybe it's because I love the green of the grass or the squinting of my eyes as I stared into the sky but it's probably because I found a way to get some use out of the $10 birthday hat that I bought for my daughter. She wore it for about 3 minutes and that always bothers me.

I love this one of River and I at the park watching the boats. I had planned a photo of us looking at the camera with this as a back drop but I couldn't make her stop turning around to see the water so I just went with it. I think this is better anyway.

This makes me laugh because right before the shutter clicked, my son threw a toy train at my head and I was freaked out and a little annoyed because it connected. I think you can see both expressions on my face.

One of the first photos with my waterproof camera. Tres cool.

This photo totally skeeves me. I don't swim and hold my nose underwater and that includes in the shower. This is more of a leap of faith than you know and took several tries before I felt like I wasn't drowning.

This was the first day I got my Nikon back after over two weeks. It was like seeing an old lover. You have no idea how excited I was!

I love this photo! It's a pose I almost never allow. Rule number one on photographing women, don't shoot them from underneath. It's never attractive! I dig this anyway.

This photo makes me giggle. I love it because I look crazy. It's my fake smile because everyone tells me that I never smile. Also, this is the day before I got my hair cut off and coloured so I'm not real sure who that mousy bitch is.

I don't care for this photo all that much but it makes me laugh cause I think I look like that chick from The Ring. "Seven days...."

I like this photo because in the middle of my self portrait project this was the first day I didn't feel like doing it. I'm thinking it was day 4, maybe. I'm leaning back on the laundry that had yet to be folded. My hair hadn't even been washed.

In the end, I haev a nice collection of photos of myself that I didn't have before. They aren't all great but I'm comfortable with that. It will be nice to give them to my kids and tell them that this was me, then.


  1. You sure picked some good ones.

  2. Hey, I gave you a blog award over at my site.

  3. Love that you posted these pics of yourself, I am always the one taking pics of everyone and very seldom am I in them!
    here from a hop!

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