Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Getting Excited!

I finally got my physical ticket for the Twilight location tour in Portland. I've been waiting for this for months and while I knew it would come a couple of weeks before I left, I was starting to get antsy and was going to call on Friday if I hadn't heard anything. These are the same people who never mailed my tickets to the Twilight Convention in Arlington so I had little faith.

I think that's the last thing I was waiting for. I have all of the other conformations and receipts printed and in a folder just waiting to go in my Nikon bag for the plane. Did I mention I hate flying? Ugghhh! Getting on the airplane is the only down fall. Well, that and the layover in Texas at the George Bush International Airport. It's Herbert but still. Painful.

Yay TwiTour!

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