Friday, September 24, 2010

I Hate Dell

In case I wasn't clear before I wanted to shout from the rooftops how much I HATE DELL!!!

I was so proud of my ruby red laptop when I first got it! So new, red and shiny! One of the best laptops out there, I was told. Then I got my first error message, five days after I got it. It's been going on for a while. We've called Dell. Sometimes they called us back, sometimes they didn't. I'm pretty affective if I can speak to an actual human. They try to steamroll you with jargon they hope you don't understand but I throw it back at them with a choice word here and there. In the end I get what I want and I don't stop until I do. I can go around in circles just like they can. In the end I will win because I have one thing they don't. I'm fucking crazy.

I didn't ask for much. I want my lap top to work without errors. I want it to be the same laptop I pulled out of the Dell box so many months ago. Isn't that why I have a warranty after all?. They did what they said they would. They replaced the memory and hard drives. The problem? They didn't replace it with the audio built hard drive that I ordered. They replaced it with a blank one so everything that I added to my laptop so it wouldn't suck, is gone.

When the tech left today, Windows 7 was still loading so it isn't like I could check these things. When Chris got home and discovered it, I went through the roof and we got on the phone almost immediately with India, of course. I think the poor guy that answered the phone was a little taken aback by my attitude, which means nothing to me. He was actually pretty cool through out the whole conversation and even had me talk to his manager. They promised that within two days, they'd have a tech out here to replace the hard drives again with the hard drives that I paid for. Hell hath no furry if they don't get this shit done before my trip. If I have to go to Portland without this thing, I will settle a wrath of hell on Dell that has never been seen before. They'll think there's a tsunami coming!

I'd love to add a photo to this post like I always do but the asshat who "fixed" my laptop today, almost ruined it. He made my C drive my recovery drive and there is so little space left on it that I can't upload a single photo. What's the point anyway? Everything is going to get wiped in a few days, again. Right now this thing sucks. This must be what it would have been like if Laura Ingalls had a laptop.

I'm so glad I made him leave my old hard drives. He's apparently an idiot and would have thrown them in the dumpster. Now at least if I have to return them to Dell, I can shove a nail trough them first or take them apart and leave missing pieces. I really would like to bitch slap that guy. I might call him and ask him why he did that recovery drive thing. I was better off before he touched anything.

Dell did the same thing when I bought my PC. Something they sent was shitty and didn't work properly so they made Chris rebuild it. What they should have done was sent a tech out (preferably one who knows what they're doing) and started from scratch. That didn't happen and I've hated the PC since I got it. I refuse to allow that to happen again. I was totally against buying a Dell and this is why.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Michelle. Please reach out to us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( if you still need assistance.

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