Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Four years ago today I sat in my friend Tammy's house and felt sick to my stomach. I was five months pregnant with my now 3 1/2 year old son and it was the morning of my wedding. No, I didn't get married because I was knocked up, I got pregnant in the middle of my engagement! I was 36, not 16! As if!

Anyhoo, I got my hair and makeup done. I put on the biggest dress I've ever seen. I carried a bouquet of deep red roses and Lily of the valley. I wore a pair of white shoes (something I'd never do to my poor size 11 stompers) that I'd super glued a six pence in and I walked down the isle in tears with my stepfather leading the way.

I got in a limo for the first time. My date to prom picked me up in a bright yellow I-Rock with T tops. No, I'm not making that shit up.

With red as the colour of the day, we cut a cake I designed and then I dared my husband to shove it in my face. He tried. I won. Later when I took off my dress, a hot piece of cake fell out of the bodice. Nice.

I laughed, I cried, I married my best friend. My husband is the only man I've ever met with he balls to take me on. I'm quite a pill so that says a lot about him. He's taking me to Forks for God's sake!

Happy Anniversary, baby! Four years and two babies later I (we) still rock!

This is the song we walked into our reception to. It had more meaning because I was five months pregnant with my beautiful son.


  1. I like seeing this side of you. You are a big softy - like it or not.

    He is really f'in funny too.

  2. Happy Anniversary...your wedding looks like so much fun!

  3. Happy Anniversary...Enjoyed going through your pictures and wedding story...

  4. AWW! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOVE this! Happy Anny you crazy kids!

  6. Hey Michelle! I am a twilight and true blood fan too (I just got into watching True blood). VD is pretty good, I decided to give it a try since I like the other and I ended up liking it. Basically, its about vampires who returned to this small town, and of course they like this human girl and she is dating one. But heck, who cares? It has hot guys LOL. You said thanks for stopping by your blog (which I wonder if you know I am the same person, different blog), but I usually do! You are a follower of my dream weaver designs blog, I just have snap shots as my more personal blog!

  7. haha, yah I can see how that will mess you up! I dont have many followers at the moment so they are pretty easy for me to keep up with! Yah I sooooo went off the deep end with Twilight too LOL, like, it was getting bad. I am so jealous of your going to Forks! I even had a dream about Jacob 2 nights ago, even though it was the real him (Taylor). Very odd since he is jail bait. Anyway, so I understand about not wanting another addiction, though, VD wont do what Twilight does LOL

  8. First congrats? 2nd LOVE the photos, you guys look like you know how to have a kickass time.