Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fuck You JC Penneys!

This is porn, really?

I'm about to get all biblical up in here so if you're easily offended, run now.

Who the fuck is JC Penney's Portrait Studio to tell me that a photo of my daughter that was taken in their studio should be canceled for "morality issues?" Are you fucking kidding me? She is 19 months old and dressed like a fucking fairy! She's got wings and bloomers on! What do fairies wear where you're from, a full body suit?

Now in an attempt to be a kinder gentler Michelle (which will last up until you tell me I'm not getting my photos) I will try to be nice when I call as soon as the store opens in the morning. After you tell me that I won't get my photos I will unleash some shit of biblical proportions on your ass! How dare you tell me that a photo of my daughter that I set up, in an outfit I supplied, in a public photography studio, shot by your photographer, at my guidance might be pornographic!


I really like the photographer that I've been using for my children for over three years but I tell you what, I found him and I can toss his ass just as quickly when I replace him with someone who doesn't work for a mountain of know it all assholes! It's such a shame that we could lose a photographer who has served us well over the years while working around complete morons who couldn't schedule an appointment if it were scheduled inside their own assholes. He's a good guy and we really love him but I will replace him or do them myself from now on, which is more likely if these fuckers don't do the right thing. I will get so loud about it that I will be banned from that entire fucking store.

This is all I know. This shit may go over without much notice on some wishy washy bitch who has been buying her penny loafers and solid white underwear from Penneys since she was born but I will tell you this, this shit will not go over quietly with me. You're basically telling me that the photos of my daughter, that I set up, chose and paid for are pornographic and in turn, calling me a pornographer. If you're calling them porn than someone in that room while those photos were taken is a pornographer. Is it me or is it the photographer? As God is my witness, this will end poorly and if I don't get my photos because JC Penneys thinks I am a pornographer, I will make sure that it doesn't.


  1. Wow. That's really crazy. I don't think that picture even remotely resembles porn. Stupid asses.

    However, I did run into this same thing when we wanted to have a diaper angel baby portrait taken of my son some years ago. It was with the Walmart portrait studio and we were told that they could only do the pictures in a diaper cover if the child was less than 12 months old. It doesn't make much sense to me because you see little boys running around without shirts all the time in my part of the world, but censorship exists in its many forms.

    Good luck battling the powers that be. I hope you're able to get your portraits and work everything out.

  2. Screw JcPenneys! I think your an awesome photographer!

    On another note: Can you take my photo, something special to give the sportsman for our anniversary ? : )

  3. Dear Michelle,

    My name is Aimee and I work in the JCPenney Portraits Studio Corporate Office. I understand your frustration regarding this situation.

    First I want to say that the picture of your daughter is beautiful. We do not think the picture is pornographic but is does not comply with our guidelines.

    I would like for you to contact our Guest Services Department so we can resolve this issue with you. We value our Guests and want to make sure we do what we can to make this situation right. You can contact Guest Services Monday through Friday from 8-5 central time. The toll free number is 800-597-6453.


    Guest Service Representative

  4. Jeez, if this is considered porn, they'd hate the pic I took of my 2 and a half year old (you can see it on my blog). It is a very cute picture....and in my opinion, most people would not considered this wrong. She is young and innocent and in fairy wings....its cute in my book.

  5. I started following you like... minutes ago. Mainly because of Fawk You Fridays (that shit cracks me UP!!!!) and the fact that we have the same blogger background (on some level we must be similar, right?). But I knew I needed to follow you when I started reading about JCP. OMG. OMG. OMG. I wish I had extra money, I'd totally pay a lawyer to sue them on your behalf. We'd win too, because JCP is crazy and SO WRONG about these pictures. Nutjobs, really. I love outing bad companies online in my blog ~ it's so theraputic. I did it over a debauckle with Expedia actually. I ended up being contacted by some head guy and given over $200 in coupons - not that I'm ever going to use them, those fawkers!!!

    Love this blog!! :)

  6. Jcp is the worst cooperate company to work for ever!!!!!!!! FUCK THAT PLACE THEY WILL ONLY FUCK YOU OVER.

    1. Agreed. I just got screwed over again by JCP. Thanks for firing me, assholes. Enjoy all the automation I provided.