Friday, September 24, 2010

Fawk You Friday

Such a long week.

Fawk you to Dell. Stop outsourcing all of you jobs to India. I'm sick of speaking to someone who barely speaks English when I call for "support." I know this country is a melting pot and I should be open to other ethnicities and such, BUT THAT'S IN THIS COUNTRY! STOP TAKING AWAY AMERICAN JOBS BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY PEOPLE WHAT THEY'RE WORTH! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT IF THEY WORK FOR $1,000 A YEAR OVER THERE. IF IT'S SO GREAT, MOVE YOUR WHOLE FUCKING COMPANY OVER THERE AND SEE HOW LONG YOU LAST. BUNCH A BASTARDS! Also, can I get a fucking lap top without a factory fucking defect? Computers is what you do, right? Fucking do it right!

Fawk you to the jean shorts I bought last year to lose a little weight so I could wear this summer. Lost too much w/o realizing it and now these deep blue kick ass shorts are on their way to Freecycle. I'm pissed I never got to wear them. From now on I will wear the clothes I buy, camel toe be damned! At least they were cheap.

Fawk you to the people offended by the Fawk You Friday button. Are you seriously so offended that you'll complain to the blog that created it? God, you must hate my blog! Please, I beg of you, get a fucking hobby!

Fawk you to my friend Jason (who I adore) who is a crazy ass Republican party hack who thinks he knows what it's like to have (or not have) and lose a child. I'm so sick of men telling me what I can and can not do with my body. God gave all of us free will, right? For once in your life, shut your fucking mouth and allow me to use mine! I don't tell you what to do with your body so step the fuck off of mine!

Fawk you John McCain! I fucking hate you with a burning passion that will never die. I wouldn't vote for your crusty old ass if you were running to replace the fucking Tooth Fairy. You're everything that is wrong with politics, the Republican party AND religion. You hide behind your fucking bible to spread hate. It isn't new. You didn't invent this way to hate, you just take it to a new level when doing things like protesting a national Martin Luther King holiday (you later apologized for this once you realized the bad press you got, not because you don't hate black people), and of course making sure that fags can't serve openly in the military. Educated, trained linguists (Arabic speaking) are kicked out of the army for being gay and yet we're still asked to hold our hands over our hearts and say that we love this country when "All men are created equal" only applies to the same old fuckers it's always applied to. The people who it applies to are the ones who don't want gays in the military because they hate fags, and not for any other reason. These are the same people who hang confederate flags in their yards and say "It's my heritage!" Yeah, it's your heritage. Your heritage is filled with racist founding fathers, slavery, hate and racist tobacco spittin gun toting rednecks. Go you!

It used to be cool to hate black people but that's no longer in fashion. Now the thing to do is hate fags so he's all over that. I can't wait for the day it's cool to hate crusty old white bastards who cheat on their wives when they see how messed up they are from a life threatening car accident. Maybe some day it won't be the groovy thing to do to pay all her medical bills so she'll never say anything bad about you and sniff your fucking throne for the rest of your life. Yeah, he's a hell of an American. If that's what we're so proud to call American, no wonder we're so fucked up!

I have many other things I could add to this list this week but the last one is so utterly fucking absurd that I'll just stop right here because I hate nothing more in this moment than John McCain. In case I wasn't clear, FUCK YOU JOHN MCCAIN!!!

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  1. I LOVE "Fawk" you Fridays!

    They are my new Fav!

    Here is my fawk you for the day.

    Fawk you to my soccerboys math teacher, Listen here you freakin douche bag, if you don't hand the god damn papers back, how will the kids ever know what they screwed up on. Serisoulys you call yourself a teacher.

    How the hell did you get your teaching degree, anyways?

  2. Discrimination in ANY FORM IS NOT OKAY!!! How hard is that to do? I'm with you!

  3. Oh lord, I love flipping things off on Friday. I look forward to it ALL week. That's sad, maybe.
    Not a fan of Dell-I'm an HP girl-they actually have moved call centers to Colorado and are training women that need help to work in them.

  4. Uh - I like your Fawk You Friday button! Geez. People need to get a sense of humor.