Friday, September 17, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

Weird week.

Fawk you to JC Penney for holding my indecent photos and then sending them to me anyway after I had them re shot. Morons.

Fawk you to my son's bus for never coming when it should. Twenty minutes early, twenty minutes late. Who knows? It's a crap shoot.

Fawk you to the lady at the park for ignoring your daughter. No five year old should be so resigned to their fate of not being important to their parent. Take a fucking parenting class!

Fawk you to the playground thing for hurting my foot while I tried to climb on top of it. Yeah, it's my fault but so what!

Fawk you to the Pediatric Dentist for not cleaning my daughter's teeth at her appointment this morning. I don't give a shit that her teeth are just discoloured or stained and that it isn't a cavity. Her teeth are brown! Fucking clean them! That's what the appointment was for! Assholes!

Fawk my foot for making me miss my daughter's dental appointment where I would have made sure they cleaned her teeth! My husband is too nice.

Fawk you to my doctor's office for making me wait til possibly Wednesday to find out if my foot is broken. How hard is it to read a fucking x-ray? I'd get better health care if I lived in the middle of nowhere.

Fawk you to Diabetes! First my blood sugar is high so I eat cardboard. Now I've lost a few pounds and when I wake up in the morning it's 54. WTF?

Just for the record, I have something nice to say about Blogger. I accidentally misspelled fucking in this post and I noticed it when doing spellcheck. It actually offered me the correct spelling of fucking. Good to know!

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  1. Damn girl you have alot of "Fuck You's" this week.

    So I feel it is only appropriate to add one of my own Fuck You's for the day.

    So heres a big fat FUCK YOU to my sons old soccer coach, for being such a dick and for the lack of recognition he righfully deserved.

  2. Indecent photos? Please share! And that is funny about Blogger having the correct spelling. In fact, I'm LMAO!

    Thanks for joining us today!