Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

We had a deal. My son dropped a deuce on the potty. That meant he got to ride the real Thomas the Tank Engine. I didn't do any research before I made that promise and I totally should have but luckily as I started Googling it (while he was still on the pot) I found something relatively quick and just two hours from our house.
So this morning we loaded up the family and drove to Ronks Pennsylvania. Yeah, I know. I've never heard of it either. BUT, they've got a train station and that's where this thing was, so we braved it. The drive wasn't so bad. The kids were cool and we didn't lose all the radio stations until we were almost there. I knew we were in PA because the thick smell of cow shit was equal only to the amount of horse shit in the street from the Amish buggies. I've never been a huge fan of Pennsylvania because when you cross into it I feel like we're stepping into a black and white picture from full colour. It's the most obvious difference I've ever seen while driving from one state to another.

We got to the train station and could see Thomas from the street, which was nice. Then we kept driving, and driving and driving. Turns out we had to drive to this big empty field and catch a shuttle (school bus) back to the station. It was kind of a pain in the ass because we have two kids and a stroller. It would have been easier to leave the stroller int he car but I was not into lugging River all day long, so we brought the stroller anyway.

The kids loved the bus ride and once we got there, trains were everywhere so Owen was set. I noticed early that he seemed to be leaning towards being a pain in the ass so we attempted to take things slow and spend some time looking around before our scheduled train departure at 12:15. We arrived before 10:30 so we were set.

We waited in a relatively short line to meet Sir Topham Hat. Once we got through the line Owen refused to go anywhere near him so I got a photo of River touching his face. Then we looked around for some Thomas things for Owen which seemed to please him. We bought more than we should and I plan to put some of it away for Christmas. We had lunch and then got in line for our ride. Now I must say that during this whole time Owen was shelling out a healthy dose of bitching. I'm not sure why but I could tell early on that it was going to be one of those days. If he'd acted like this at home I would have made him go in his room until he stopped annoying me but since we'd payed all this money and driven all this way, I didn't feel like it was a viable option. So, we tried to grin and bear it. Not what I do best. The only thing we found to shut up his wining was a damn ice cream cone.

We were able to stand next to the tracks while Thomas passed by. I had River scooted up to the front and Chris was standing right behind her watching Thomas go by. We were up front because we were there first not because we weaseled our way in. This chick had the nerve to slide in, not only in front of Chris but in front of River. She was standing to close to us that her jacket was hanging in River's face. WTF? Who does that? I had to say to her, "Seriously? Are you seriously going to stand here in front my my children? Do you have any idea how rude that is?" She just looked at me and then I pushed her jacket against her to get it out of River's face. She looked down and noticed I was moving her shit away from my daughter and without moving said, "I'm sorry." Like that's enough so I had to tell her, "Don't say you're sorry, just move!" Some people! Did she really think I was going to take her apology and allow her to stay there with her crap in my daughter's face? So annoying. I might be a bitch but I don't shit on someones kids.
Once we got on the ride and Owen saw Thomas a little more, he was excited. The ride itself was great! We had really good seats and the kids got to look out the windows for the whole trip. Owen liked watching the corn go by. Not sure why but whatever. River liked waving to the cars and looking at stuff as it passed by. It was fun leaning out the windows with my camera to take photos of the kids. People looked at me like I was crazy but I'm used to that so I didn't let it phase me, like it's supposed to make me feel bad that I take 300 photos of my kids while you take 3 of your own. Negative!

We tried to take photos of the kids in front of Thomas but as you can see from the only one we got, which I posted above, he wasn't having it. His version of rebelling is trying to piss his mother off by not posing for photos. Well played Owen, well played.
Time for Momma to have a drink to wash away the stress of the day and the fact that my foot, which is't broken as it turns out, hurts like shit!


  1. I think it's kinda funny that you went on this little adventure because your son dropped a deuce. Nice.

  2. We bribe our daughter with Slurpees. Thomas- a little longer of a drive, but a whole lot healthier! Looks like a cool place to go.