Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crazy Perfect!

Yesterday's weather was perfect for me. We took the kids to a local park and it was crazy windy. It's normally windy there because it's on the water, but this was like being in a wind tunnel. I think I was the only person there that loved the wind. The sky was a deeper shade of blue athan it has been and the clouds were fluffy and white. I'm sure I have hurricane Earl to thank for this.

I have to say that when I got to the park the first thing I thought of was September 11th. The weather on that day was amazing and I will always remember it for that, as well as other things

So, these are a few photos I took of my family and the day. I wish every day could be like this and it gets be excited for Fall and the changing of the leaves.


  1. I love that picture of your daughter with her hair getting blown all over the place. So cute, espcially the expression :)

    Visiting from LBS

  2. Oh my these pictures are AMAZING. Are you a photographer??

    Visiting from the LBS too! Beautiful blog!