Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Have a Date With a Vampire!

But my husband is coming too. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go......

We put the kids to bed tonight and it's sad knowing that we won't see them for six days. It's not like either of them really understand. I think they'll be OK, but we'll miss them.

Our plan leaves very early and we have very little time for sleep. I plan to get online when I can. You know how hotels are, charging you to get online so we'll see how that works out. Little places like Forks and La Push might not have great service so we'll see.

Yay, I have a date with a vampire. A hot vampire. My husband is coming too. *Giggle*

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I think I'm ready. I have busted my ass over the last few days getting everything done. I wrote so many letters today that it's not even funny. Letters to school, letters to school bus drivers, letters to doctors and ERs (just in case) and a letter for my In Laws to keep handy with all the important info.

Now I'm packing, with weather report in hand. It should rain two or three days while we're there but I'm ready for that. Trying to keep a bag under 50 pounds is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Who knew?
I'm just glad that Dell finally (kinda) got something right and sent out the correct hard drive. It isn't perfect but I can function now. I can deal with everything else when I get back, if it bothers me. My camera is doing well and I'm just looking forward to being on our way.
They changed the times of my Saturday tour from 8-1 to 9:30-2:30. It kinda sucks because I was going to take another tour in St. Helens but I'll never make it now. It also sucks because had I not checked the website, I would have never known. Assholes. How hard is it to just notify the people who are going on the tour?
It will be weird to be away from the kids for so long. I will be very sad to leave them. I know they'll be OK but still. Angels, the both of them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow! Today Didn't Suck! Who Saw That Coming?

When I woke this morning, bright and early to help my husband (because of his injury) get out of bed, I didn't expect much from the day. The kids were awake earlier than usual and I did what I always do, I made breakfast for them and had it on the table before I got them from their rooms. It's just easier that way. They're both very demanding where food is concerned and expect it there so to just skip right past the moaning, I have it ready.

At 8 AM, I called the Orthopedist to schedule an appointment for Chris and strong armed our way into the 9:45 slot. They mentioned something about coming at 1:15 on Wednesday but I acted like I didn't hear it. That just wasn't doable. I told them Chris was in a great deal of pain and was having trouble getting around. Neither of these things are that far from the truth but I made it sound worse to fit my needs. I didn't even let Chris in on my debauchery so when we were filling out his paper work and I asked him, what his pain level was (1-10) and he said , "Maybe a 3 or 4?" I said, "Seriously?" I was trying to get him to up it so he would at least match what I said on the phone. I put a 4 and let it go. I DID have to giggle when he winced a bit when she pressed around on his ankle. My plans always fall into place.

Probably the best thing about that appointment was discovering that he CAN go on our Twilight trip (yes, that is what I'm calling it) when I was starting to think it impossible. They took the bandage off and gave him something for swelling. He has to wear the boot and take one crutch for balance but can walk on his foot. Yay! This is good news!

After I put Owen on the bus I drove Chris's car to get an oil change, get his prescriptions filled and got my hair cut. I didn't think I'd be able to fit that in this week but River was napping so I had free time. I also faxed my blood sugars for the week to my Endocrinologist to see if I can stay off my Metformin. I should hear tomorrow. While it would be great to totally be off the medicine, my fasting number started to creep up bu the end of the week so I won't be shocked if she tells me to take one pill at night. I can't complain if that is the case. It's better than the four I was taking.
So glad I don't have to fly all the way to Portland by myself. The drive to Forks alone would have done me in. It's like 5 hours! Five hours of talking to myself, stopping to take a photo whenever I want and listening to the music of my choosing. Hey, wait! (Just teasing dear)
Anyhoo, now I get to get excited about the trip again. Pull out my big red bag and start packing. I've got my lenses all ready, all memory cards are blank and my batteries are charged. Now I've just got to get Dell to get off their ass and fix my laptop. They're sending a guy out tomorrow at 11 AM. Hopefully they'll do it right this time. We'll see. I plan to be here right after he leaves so if he fucks it up, you'll know before Dell does because I'll be typing while I'm on hold and connecting to India.
But I'm excited none the less. This is the last thing that could put a damper on things and I'm going out of my way to make sure it doesn't happen. I just can't wait to take the crazy photos I have planned and wear my new rainboots to First Beach so I can stand IN the water. I love photos of a beach from in the water. So excited! Just wait til you see the photos of m Pocket Edward! Ohhh, how I need an intervention.......
I'm also excited that my kids get to stay in the house. They get to sleep in their own beds and someone is watching our giant attack dog. Putting her in a kennel is a nightmare that I wasn't interested in. Except for the fact that we'll be gone for a few days, nothing changes for them. That pleases me.
Why am I posting photos of Robert Pattinson in my blog posts for no apparent reason? Because he's fucking hot! That's all the reason I need. Nothing wrong with eyeball candy.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twilight Countdown

With only five days left before we are scheduled to leave for our big trip, I am happy to say that today was accident and dram free! No one was hurt today. Who knew a week ago that my hurt foot would be the least of our worries?

There is still a chance that I will have to go alone. I will call the Orthopedist first thing in the morning to get Chris in. We need to hear what he says about Chris making this trip. More than anything it depends on how he feels and if he's on crutches. He won't go if he has to use crutches. He wouldn't be able to do anything and I understand not wanting to do it.

So, everyone (except me) had a bath/shower tonight and the kids were in bed by 7:30 on the nose. I'm hoping I can get Chris in ASAP to the Orthopedist so we don't have to sit around for two more days waiting on an appointment time. I'm also waiting on Dell. Bunch a bastards!

I just want a vacation with my husband. The vampires are an added bonus.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sit Down, Have Some Plaid

Made me giggle. That part about the rabbit dentures was my favorite. So true!

That Explains Why I Didn't Hear the Screams

So much for a mental health day.

Every trip has three snags. I think right now, we're up to five and I haven't even packed yet.

I thought it so annoying that I had some camera issues and don't even get me started on what Dell has done to me this week and when I hurt my foot last week and had to get the x-ray, I thought that was it. That was plenty. I'd had enough shit to deal with to make me stressed out up until that point and was glad when I made it through last week with my foot not being broken. Then today happened.

My husband was in the back yard loading a bunch of shit into the van so we could take it to the dump. I had gotten Owen dressed already and was back in River's room getting her dressed. Her room is all the way in the back of the house so that explains why I didn't hear the screams.

I had a large bag of clothes sitting on my front porch waiting for someone from FreeCycle to come and pick them up so when I heard a man say, "Hi, is your mom home? Could you go get her?" I freaked out and ran into the kitchen. I didn't see a stranger leaning into my house but my neighbor who had apparently heard Chris scream. Turns out Chris stepped into a hole in the backyard that I've been complaining about since we've been here. It's a fucking death trap. He said he heard a pop so I assumed it was broken. Yay, just in time for our trip!
Anyhoo, I loaded the family up and we drove him to the hospital. Turns out it is a bad sprain with a possible chip in his bone. The "pop" he heard was the ligament pulling away from the bone and taking some bone with it. He's in a lot of pain and they gave him Percocet which he's yet to take.
It's going to be a long week. There is a chance that I may have to make this Twilight trip without him which I really don't want to do but if he's on crutches, all that walking is out. At least his parents are set to come so me going isn't an issue. I can't reschedule because it's a one time thing or I probably would.
We're taking this week slow and I'm pretty much gonna be his bitch. He needs to keep it up and ice it every two hours. So, I now have three children instead of two. It will be a miracle if all the shit that went wrong this week is righted before Friday. God help Dell if they fuck me over again.
I guess my mental health day will have to wait.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mental Health Day(s)

I'm taking a mental health day or days. I need to work the Dell bullshit out. Typing on this thing right now is the equivalent of banging rocks together.


I Hate Dell

In case I wasn't clear before I wanted to shout from the rooftops how much I HATE DELL!!!

I was so proud of my ruby red laptop when I first got it! So new, red and shiny! One of the best laptops out there, I was told. Then I got my first error message, five days after I got it. It's been going on for a while. We've called Dell. Sometimes they called us back, sometimes they didn't. I'm pretty affective if I can speak to an actual human. They try to steamroll you with jargon they hope you don't understand but I throw it back at them with a choice word here and there. In the end I get what I want and I don't stop until I do. I can go around in circles just like they can. In the end I will win because I have one thing they don't. I'm fucking crazy.

I didn't ask for much. I want my lap top to work without errors. I want it to be the same laptop I pulled out of the Dell box so many months ago. Isn't that why I have a warranty after all?. They did what they said they would. They replaced the memory and hard drives. The problem? They didn't replace it with the audio built hard drive that I ordered. They replaced it with a blank one so everything that I added to my laptop so it wouldn't suck, is gone.

When the tech left today, Windows 7 was still loading so it isn't like I could check these things. When Chris got home and discovered it, I went through the roof and we got on the phone almost immediately with India, of course. I think the poor guy that answered the phone was a little taken aback by my attitude, which means nothing to me. He was actually pretty cool through out the whole conversation and even had me talk to his manager. They promised that within two days, they'd have a tech out here to replace the hard drives again with the hard drives that I paid for. Hell hath no furry if they don't get this shit done before my trip. If I have to go to Portland without this thing, I will settle a wrath of hell on Dell that has never been seen before. They'll think there's a tsunami coming!

I'd love to add a photo to this post like I always do but the asshat who "fixed" my laptop today, almost ruined it. He made my C drive my recovery drive and there is so little space left on it that I can't upload a single photo. What's the point anyway? Everything is going to get wiped in a few days, again. Right now this thing sucks. This must be what it would have been like if Laura Ingalls had a laptop.

I'm so glad I made him leave my old hard drives. He's apparently an idiot and would have thrown them in the dumpster. Now at least if I have to return them to Dell, I can shove a nail trough them first or take them apart and leave missing pieces. I really would like to bitch slap that guy. I might call him and ask him why he did that recovery drive thing. I was better off before he touched anything.

Dell did the same thing when I bought my PC. Something they sent was shitty and didn't work properly so they made Chris rebuild it. What they should have done was sent a tech out (preferably one who knows what they're doing) and started from scratch. That didn't happen and I've hated the PC since I got it. I refuse to allow that to happen again. I was totally against buying a Dell and this is why.


Fawk You Friday

Such a long week.

Fawk you to Dell. Stop outsourcing all of you jobs to India. I'm sick of speaking to someone who barely speaks English when I call for "support." I know this country is a melting pot and I should be open to other ethnicities and such, BUT THAT'S IN THIS COUNTRY! STOP TAKING AWAY AMERICAN JOBS BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY PEOPLE WHAT THEY'RE WORTH! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT IF THEY WORK FOR $1,000 A YEAR OVER THERE. IF IT'S SO GREAT, MOVE YOUR WHOLE FUCKING COMPANY OVER THERE AND SEE HOW LONG YOU LAST. BUNCH A BASTARDS! Also, can I get a fucking lap top without a factory fucking defect? Computers is what you do, right? Fucking do it right!

Fawk you to the jean shorts I bought last year to lose a little weight so I could wear this summer. Lost too much w/o realizing it and now these deep blue kick ass shorts are on their way to Freecycle. I'm pissed I never got to wear them. From now on I will wear the clothes I buy, camel toe be damned! At least they were cheap.

Fawk you to the people offended by the Fawk You Friday button. Are you seriously so offended that you'll complain to the blog that created it? God, you must hate my blog! Please, I beg of you, get a fucking hobby!

Fawk you to my friend Jason (who I adore) who is a crazy ass Republican party hack who thinks he knows what it's like to have (or not have) and lose a child. I'm so sick of men telling me what I can and can not do with my body. God gave all of us free will, right? For once in your life, shut your fucking mouth and allow me to use mine! I don't tell you what to do with your body so step the fuck off of mine!

Fawk you John McCain! I fucking hate you with a burning passion that will never die. I wouldn't vote for your crusty old ass if you were running to replace the fucking Tooth Fairy. You're everything that is wrong with politics, the Republican party AND religion. You hide behind your fucking bible to spread hate. It isn't new. You didn't invent this way to hate, you just take it to a new level when doing things like protesting a national Martin Luther King holiday (you later apologized for this once you realized the bad press you got, not because you don't hate black people), and of course making sure that fags can't serve openly in the military. Educated, trained linguists (Arabic speaking) are kicked out of the army for being gay and yet we're still asked to hold our hands over our hearts and say that we love this country when "All men are created equal" only applies to the same old fuckers it's always applied to. The people who it applies to are the ones who don't want gays in the military because they hate fags, and not for any other reason. These are the same people who hang confederate flags in their yards and say "It's my heritage!" Yeah, it's your heritage. Your heritage is filled with racist founding fathers, slavery, hate and racist tobacco spittin gun toting rednecks. Go you!

It used to be cool to hate black people but that's no longer in fashion. Now the thing to do is hate fags so he's all over that. I can't wait for the day it's cool to hate crusty old white bastards who cheat on their wives when they see how messed up they are from a life threatening car accident. Maybe some day it won't be the groovy thing to do to pay all her medical bills so she'll never say anything bad about you and sniff your fucking throne for the rest of your life. Yeah, he's a hell of an American. If that's what we're so proud to call American, no wonder we're so fucked up!

I have many other things I could add to this list this week but the last one is so utterly fucking absurd that I'll just stop right here because I hate nothing more in this moment than John McCain. In case I wasn't clear, FUCK YOU JOHN MCCAIN!!!

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One Crazy Brunette Chick

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paper Mama's Photo Challenge ~ Fingerprint

The Paper Mama

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Four years ago today I sat in my friend Tammy's house and felt sick to my stomach. I was five months pregnant with my now 3 1/2 year old son and it was the morning of my wedding. No, I didn't get married because I was knocked up, I got pregnant in the middle of my engagement! I was 36, not 16! As if!

Anyhoo, I got my hair and makeup done. I put on the biggest dress I've ever seen. I carried a bouquet of deep red roses and Lily of the valley. I wore a pair of white shoes (something I'd never do to my poor size 11 stompers) that I'd super glued a six pence in and I walked down the isle in tears with my stepfather leading the way.

I got in a limo for the first time. My date to prom picked me up in a bright yellow I-Rock with T tops. No, I'm not making that shit up.

With red as the colour of the day, we cut a cake I designed and then I dared my husband to shove it in my face. He tried. I won. Later when I took off my dress, a hot piece of cake fell out of the bodice. Nice.

I laughed, I cried, I married my best friend. My husband is the only man I've ever met with he balls to take me on. I'm quite a pill so that says a lot about him. He's taking me to Forks for God's sake!

Happy Anniversary, baby! Four years and two babies later I (we) still rock!

This is the song we walked into our reception to. It had more meaning because I was five months pregnant with my beautiful son.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Getting Excited!

I finally got my physical ticket for the Twilight location tour in Portland. I've been waiting for this for months and while I knew it would come a couple of weeks before I left, I was starting to get antsy and was going to call on Friday if I hadn't heard anything. These are the same people who never mailed my tickets to the Twilight Convention in Arlington so I had little faith.

I think that's the last thing I was waiting for. I have all of the other conformations and receipts printed and in a folder just waiting to go in my Nikon bag for the plane. Did I mention I hate flying? Ugghhh! Getting on the airplane is the only down fall. Well, that and the layover in Texas at the George Bush International Airport. It's Herbert but still. Painful.

Yay TwiTour!

Wordless Wednesday

The Paper Mama


Tonight my husband and I did something romantic. Let me set the scene.

We walked on an expansive white beach to stand with our toes deep in the warm white sand on a day that had been filled with promise. As we contemplated an elephant ride, we gazed out on the clear blue Indian Ocean that was filled with small boats carrying local fishermen to and from their duties. We saw two beautiful Jungle Bush quail up ahead, under a tree and I commented on how delicious they looked. I wore a beautiful soft pink Lotus in my hair and wondered if I'd be chased down by a Hindu who consider them sacred. The cool water lapped at our toes as we wondered where we could find a temple where women weren't allowed. Marveling at the beautiful warm sun that created a perfect tropical day, we finished our Ceylon tea, the local drink of choice. My hair blew in the slight breeze as the coconut trees swayed to and fro. I turned to my husband to ask if this was how we planned to spend our forth wedding anniversary. He thought for a moment before looking deep into my inviting blue eyes and said, make sure he gives you a reference number.
We didn't go on vacation. We called Dell! Here's what pissed me off about this country, why is it OK for a company, like Dell AND the one that my husband works for to outsource all of their jobs to India? I mean Sahil was nice and helpful but still. I don't get how it's OK to have an American flag flapping in the breeze in your commercials while I have to call India when the laptop you sold me has a fucking defect!

R.I.P. Denim Shorts

No that's not my ass, it's a cake but it made me giggle. Tramp stamp and all.

I know as far as things to complain about that this isn't a big one but today when I cleaned out my closet I found a pair of dark coloured jean shorts I bought last year and I can't wear them.

I'm not a huge fan of jean shorts and am adamant that men should never wear them unless they're trying out for The Village People but I really liked these shorts. They weren't too long, they weren't too short and I loved the really dark colour. The only issue when I bought them (at the end of last season, so really cheap) was that they were, how do I say this, a little tight in the hoo-haa area. So, I put them away to try to wear this season. I would have tried to wear them earlier but my closet has been such a mess that I had forgotten about them. I also find it funny that I finally find the two bathing suit cover ups that I bought five months ago at Old Navy. Perfect timing as the pool is closing.

So, while I'm happy that I've lost weight, I'm sad I missed the window to wear these shorts. They really were pretty groovy. I missed them by like two sizes! If they were just a little big, I'd still wear them. Now I've got to find a fat chick to pawn all of my clothes off on. In edition to the shorts I was able to find about 60 things I can't or will not wear anymore.

R.I.P. Denim shorts!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop ~ 10 Reasons Why I Love My Job

Mama's Losin' It

These are Mama Kat's writing prompts for this week:

1.) Describe a tragedy you didn't expect to be as deeply affect by as you are.

2.) Tell us about a day you were sure you wouldn't get through.

3.) A time when you should have listened to your mother.

4.) Your pets least likable character trait.

5.) 10 Reasons why you love your job.


10 Reason's I Love My Job, and why this is the best job I've ever had.

1. I get to have lunch with my best friend everyday. We talk about everybody. We don't need no stinkin water cooler.

2. My boss always laughs at my jokes.

3. No dress code! Sometimes we spend all day in our jammies.

4. If I'm a little late, I get the stink eye but all is forgiven when I hand over the milk.

5. For the first time in my life, my boss isn't an asshole, generally.

6. My boss wears whatever I tell him. No questions asked.

7. When my boss is out of the office, I miss him terribly.

8. I get to watch my kids grow up. It happens so fast.

9. I get to meet real princesses.

10. I get to look at these sweet faces every day. What's not to love?

Mama's Losin' It

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fuck You Diabetes!

About three months ago I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I'd had really bad gestational and pre-gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with the kids and my mother's side of the family is riddled with it so it wasn't a shock by any stretch, but it still sucked.

I decided that day that I was going to change the way I did things. I have diabetes and no matter what my blood sugar is, I will always be someone who has diabetes. That's the way I've chosen to look at it. My theory is that I could tell myself "I could have a little cupcake, it won't kill me" or I could look at it from another perspective. The perspective I settled on was "I could eat that cupcake or I could live to see my children graduate from high school." The (enter any sweets here) will never taste as good as living a longer life. I'm not saying that I will never have anything sweet because I will. It isn't realistic to say I won't and to be honest, some times my blood sugar is low and I need it. But I will never sit around and eat a container of Reese's Pieces. I just don't have that luxury and my ass wouldn't approve.

While I wasn't put back on the insulin I had to take when I was pregnant, my Dr had me on Metformin and increased (doubled) it just three months ago. Because I think that checking your weight daily is oppressive and depressing, I haven't done it all summer. I don't even listen when I've had Drs appointments because I wanted to see if living better while not obsessing about my weight would change anything. Now I know I've been losing weight because I had to go shopping for jeans a few weeks ago and I'd dropped a size. Since the beginning of the summer I've lost 26 pounds! I've been exercising. I cut my portion sizes and I've just been eating better. I don't feel like I've lost that much weight and I don't feel like I look like I've lost that much weight but is sure is a great feeling! Yay Me!

When I was diagnosed three months ago, my fasting numbers were 128-144. It should be just bellow 100. So I was high. In the last two weeks it's been 44-88. Very low so I decided to do some testing to see what certain foods would do to my blood sugar. One night before bed I had a yogurt and half a Hershey's bar. The yogurt was low fat but still 16 carbs, which turn to sugar. With all that, an hour before bed, my BS was 78 the next morning which meant something was wrong. That is just too low for me. So, I called my Endocrinologist this morning to tell her what was going on. I gave all the info to her nurse and waited for a call back. My assumption was that they would cut my medicine back to what it had been before. I thought that made sense. I was surprised when my Dr called me back and told me to stop taking the medicine completely! She was concerned that with the weight loss that the medicine wasn't necessary anymore. So, I will spend the next week checking my BS like crazy and keeping track of the numbers to send to my Dr on Monday. I hope my numbers will be good and she'll say I don't need to be on the medicine but it's possible that I could still need some. I know I was taking too much because I just don't eat enough to keep my BS out of the crapper. My BS got so low that I carried a candy bar in my bag just in case and had to bust into it a few times. No fat chick should be carrying candy in her bag, let alone a diabetic. It makes me think of Steel Magnolias when they had to give Shelby the orange juice a the beauty salon. Not a good thought. I haven't taken any of the medicine today and I already feel better. That's pretty telling. Low BS makes you feel shaky and nauseous. Not a good feeling.

This is all good news because I had a major fear of having to go back on insulin. The thought of giving myself a shot three or four times a day for the rest of my life like I had to do when I was pregnant was unacceptable to me. I guess a good healthy dose of the fear of God is good for anyone.

Also, my ass is smaller.

Diabetes 0
Michelle 1

Yay me!

Tuesday Tag-Along

Uggs ~ Australian For Groovy!

I know nothing about Australian except that Foster's is Australian for beer, people yell "ausi, ausi, ausi" and expect you to yell "oy, oy, oy" and I know they have an ass load of great white sharks off the barrier reef. I did some research last year during shark week and it just made me sick to my stomach. I'd wouldn't go snorkeling in a lake much less shark infested waters. People do weird shit sometimes.

Anyhoo, I finally found a reason today to love Australia, a country I've never been to and have zero plans to visit. The thought of that plane ride gives me cold chills. I only fly when it is absolutely necessary of if there's a vampire waiting at the end of my connecting flight. I'm totally in love with my new boots that I may or may not need on my trip to the Olympic Peninsula.

My In Laws gave me a Nordstroms gift certificate for my 40th birthday and I just got around to using it. I don't generally shop at Nordstroms so I had no idea what to get but when I spotted these boots I knew they were in the running. I never saw myself as someone who would buy Uggs because they seem a little pretentious to me. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren't. I'm not really sure. Perhaps they are if you wear them in July. I've seen people do that and it makes me giggle. Mine will sit here, in their box until I take them on my trip. Once it's crazy cold around here I will bust them out and probably wear them often. You can't beat a great pair of black boots that I ended up paying $33 for!

I had to special order them to fit my big clown feet, something I got from my father. The largest size they had was a 10. The guy tried to tell me they run big (so does my ass, honey) so I should think about getting a 10 but after I tried them on I knew (as always) that I needed the 11. Every single time someone has said that to me, I always needed the 11. That's why I start to giggle in the middle of their sentence. I've had these big ole' clown feet since the 7th grade so we go way back. Hell, my rainboots that I also got for this trip) are a 12!

It's been a great year for Michelle and footwear. Black footwear, that is. I can't wait to wear these bitches! I did try them on again today and the part of my foot that hurt (not broken) was bothered by being in these boots. That shit better pass quickly because I AM WEARING THESE FUCKING BOOTS!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sunday Creative ~ Abundance

The line of minivans when I take the kids to the park always makes me giggle. Mine is right smack in the middle.

Not sure why I can't get the button to work but here's a link to the Sunday Creative:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

We had a deal. My son dropped a deuce on the potty. That meant he got to ride the real Thomas the Tank Engine. I didn't do any research before I made that promise and I totally should have but luckily as I started Googling it (while he was still on the pot) I found something relatively quick and just two hours from our house.
So this morning we loaded up the family and drove to Ronks Pennsylvania. Yeah, I know. I've never heard of it either. BUT, they've got a train station and that's where this thing was, so we braved it. The drive wasn't so bad. The kids were cool and we didn't lose all the radio stations until we were almost there. I knew we were in PA because the thick smell of cow shit was equal only to the amount of horse shit in the street from the Amish buggies. I've never been a huge fan of Pennsylvania because when you cross into it I feel like we're stepping into a black and white picture from full colour. It's the most obvious difference I've ever seen while driving from one state to another.

We got to the train station and could see Thomas from the street, which was nice. Then we kept driving, and driving and driving. Turns out we had to drive to this big empty field and catch a shuttle (school bus) back to the station. It was kind of a pain in the ass because we have two kids and a stroller. It would have been easier to leave the stroller int he car but I was not into lugging River all day long, so we brought the stroller anyway.

The kids loved the bus ride and once we got there, trains were everywhere so Owen was set. I noticed early that he seemed to be leaning towards being a pain in the ass so we attempted to take things slow and spend some time looking around before our scheduled train departure at 12:15. We arrived before 10:30 so we were set.

We waited in a relatively short line to meet Sir Topham Hat. Once we got through the line Owen refused to go anywhere near him so I got a photo of River touching his face. Then we looked around for some Thomas things for Owen which seemed to please him. We bought more than we should and I plan to put some of it away for Christmas. We had lunch and then got in line for our ride. Now I must say that during this whole time Owen was shelling out a healthy dose of bitching. I'm not sure why but I could tell early on that it was going to be one of those days. If he'd acted like this at home I would have made him go in his room until he stopped annoying me but since we'd payed all this money and driven all this way, I didn't feel like it was a viable option. So, we tried to grin and bear it. Not what I do best. The only thing we found to shut up his wining was a damn ice cream cone.

We were able to stand next to the tracks while Thomas passed by. I had River scooted up to the front and Chris was standing right behind her watching Thomas go by. We were up front because we were there first not because we weaseled our way in. This chick had the nerve to slide in, not only in front of Chris but in front of River. She was standing to close to us that her jacket was hanging in River's face. WTF? Who does that? I had to say to her, "Seriously? Are you seriously going to stand here in front my my children? Do you have any idea how rude that is?" She just looked at me and then I pushed her jacket against her to get it out of River's face. She looked down and noticed I was moving her shit away from my daughter and without moving said, "I'm sorry." Like that's enough so I had to tell her, "Don't say you're sorry, just move!" Some people! Did she really think I was going to take her apology and allow her to stay there with her crap in my daughter's face? So annoying. I might be a bitch but I don't shit on someones kids.
Once we got on the ride and Owen saw Thomas a little more, he was excited. The ride itself was great! We had really good seats and the kids got to look out the windows for the whole trip. Owen liked watching the corn go by. Not sure why but whatever. River liked waving to the cars and looking at stuff as it passed by. It was fun leaning out the windows with my camera to take photos of the kids. People looked at me like I was crazy but I'm used to that so I didn't let it phase me, like it's supposed to make me feel bad that I take 300 photos of my kids while you take 3 of your own. Negative!

We tried to take photos of the kids in front of Thomas but as you can see from the only one we got, which I posted above, he wasn't having it. His version of rebelling is trying to piss his mother off by not posing for photos. Well played Owen, well played.
Time for Momma to have a drink to wash away the stress of the day and the fact that my foot, which is't broken as it turns out, hurts like shit!