Sunday, August 29, 2010

Watching Twilight

For my 40th Birthday my husband is taking me to Forks. This doesn't mean anything to you if you aren't into Twilight but I'm pretty damn excited about it!

We aren't just going to Forks, we're going to LaPush, Port Angeles, Seattle and Portland. We're flying into Portland where I'll be taking a five hour bus tour with Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight. We'll be going to the shooting locations in the area and it should be fun. It's part of the Twilight Convention which I've already been to so I don't plan to go to the actual convention. Although we're staying in the hotel where the convention is, so I'm sure they'll be Twilight people everywhere.I'm flying in just for the tour and them some site seeing of the area. From the photos I've seen, it's a beautifully green place! I'm really excited about seeing the Hoh Rainforest!
So, in preparation for our trip to the place where vampires roam, my husband said he'd watch the Twilight movies with me. He even got both of them on Blue-Ray so we could watch them on the good TV. Don't you know that twenty minutes into the movie he tells me he's Team Jacob? WTF? I understand being Team Jacob if you like short guys with big teeth but I just don't get it! We're a Virginia Tech house because my husband went there. I buy the kids VT clothes and they wear them often. We're a Team Edward house because I say so! There is no deviation! We're Team Edward , damnit! Payback for this outward defiance will come in the form of a photo posted on my blog of my husband while he sleeps with his face nestled into a pillow with Edward Cullen's face on it in our Team Edward room in lovely downtown Forks, Washington! Oh, it's happening.
Also, any excuse to post a photo of Robert Pattinson. Piece. Of. Ass.

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  1. Don't forget to come down to St. Helens! We have Bella's house here! Stop into Experience Twilight and say hi!!

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  4. Have fun!! We are hitting up Seattle next weekend too! I want a piece of that ass!!