Friday, August 13, 2010

Music I Love ~ Day XXIII

I LOVE Freddie Mercury! He fits perfectly on this list of music I love because while he isn't a woman, he sings better than all of them put together. He may have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

My brother was a huge Queen fan when we were growing up and still is. I fought it because that's what you do when your older brother is into something, you make fun of it but I'm the asshole because they were an excellent band. My husband and I saw what was left of Queen a while back with Paul Rodgers and it pained me. They sounded great, except for him. He was just annoying. I wanted to go so bad that I limped and struggled on crutches just after having knee surgery. I don't regret it even with Paul Rodgers singing. At least they were smart enough to play a track of Freddie singing Bohemian Rhapsody and not allow Paul Rodgers to attempt it. Roger Taylor sung Radio Ga Ga, which pleased me.

Radio Ga Ga has always been one of my favorite Queen songs and I've seen it preformed live many times on TV or DVD but never better than at Live Aid. They owned that day! When Innuendo came out, it quickly became my favorite Queen album. There was just too much to love there! I have a few of their Greatest Hits CDs and I seem to always gravitate to those songs.

I posted two videos below. Radio Ga Ga and These Are the Days of Our Lives. My two favorite Queen songs. The first is a healthy and thriving Freddie and the second includes his last words spoken on film. The contrasts are staggering and I remember seeing this video for the first time and being so sad at how he looked. He apparently looked so bad that they shot the video in black and white out of respect for him. I've seen some of the colour footage and it's heartbreaking. He just looks terrible. I read once that he tried his best to look strong and upbeat while filming but as soon as he heard "CUT!" he was leaning against walls and stools for support. It's very sad when you compare how strong and brash he was. He was dead within six months so he was in the final stages and I'm sure it was miserable.

I love him most because he was so over the top. So clearly gay but he made no apologies and gave no explanations. I like that in a person. Why should he have to? People say if he's admitted he was gay and that he was HIV positive and had full blown AIDS before the day he died that he could have raised money to fight the disease and awareness. While this may be true, I don't think it's a fair argument. People get so angry when they find out people are gay, like it's wrong to keep your own secret if that is what you choose to make it. Like he needed to "admit" it like it was something he'd done wrong.
I don't think in real life he was this crazy extrovert who marched across the stage in the Queen's crown and tiny tight white shorts. I think he was probably a bit shy and a lot more quiet, which makes it even better. Can you even imagine a shy guy doing all those things and with those gignato teeth? Such a bad ass!
I makes me sad to think of what he could have done over the last 19 years. So talented.

"No use in sittting and thinking of what you did, when you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids.."

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