Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music I Love ~ Day XXII

Patsy Cline IS country music or at least what it once was. She is talent, she is hard work and she is actually from the south, but just barely. Winchester Virginia is the south, right? Whatever. She was only 30 when she died after her tiny plane slammed into the side of a mountain near Camden so unfortunately she's also the reason I'll never get into one of those little tiny deathtraps. She died a good 7 years before I was even born but God I've always loved her! I was listening to her greatest hits in the 10th grade!

She was inducted into the Hall of Fame after her death and was the first female solo artist inducted. She died at the height of her career and I think she was pretty big but she became even more popular after her death. I remember reading stories about how people searched through the night to find the plane and after they removed the bodies, scavengers came in and took personal things from the debris. I remember something about a dress and the money she'd made at a show she was coming from. I don't know if they found her watch on her or it was returned later but it stopped at just after six so they say that's when the plane went down. What kind of complete jackass are you to steal shit from an accident site? Someones watch? A belt buckle? Money that should go to her kids? Just vile.

I must say that this accident taught me a couple of things, first off if someone tells you not to fly because the weather is shitty, get a hotel room. It ain't worth it. Buddy Holly's plane took off in the middle of a "blinding snowstorm." Hello people? Anyone sense a common theme here? I think Lynard Skynard's plane ran out of gas but I'd love to know what the weather was like that day. I took a plane to Florida once that was smaller than I would have liked but not Piper or Cessna small. I told myself that if I saw one famous person I was getting the fuck off. Luckily I didn't run into anyone because I totally would have gotten off. There are bad omens and then there are times when fate screams right in your face! Luckily this wasn't one of those times.

Second, a pilot should be a pilot and nothing else. If he's your manager or your buddy, that's too many labels. I don't even want my pilot to have a side job. Kinda like JFK Jr. He was a husband and Brother in Law and look how that turned out. I betcha all the tea in China that someone from Lynard Skynard knew their pilot. I'm just sayin.....

The toughest part of this post was picking which Patsy Cline song I loved the most. I chose this clip because in a time when people use walking as a reason to lip synch, it's nice to look back at real talent. It's sad what she could have done over the years had she not died so young.

Walkin' After Midnight
Sweet Dreams (Of You)
I Fall To Pieces
So Wrong
Back In Baby's Arms
She's Got You
Faded Love
Why Can't He Be You
Leavin' On Your Mind

Who is the biggest thing in Country Music right now? Taylor Swift? Sometimes I wish she would lip synch. They work magic with her in the studio but have you heard her sing live? Her warbling is worse than Yoko!

***OK, I looked up the weather for the day Lynard Skynard's plane crashed and it was fine. I think that crash was all about pilot error.*****

Weather in Mississippi, was 5,000 f t a.g.1.
visibility--15 m i , temperature--62"F, dewpoint--57'F, wind--calm, altimete!
scattered, 12,000 f t a.g.1. s c a t t e r e d , 25,000 f t a.g.1. thin broken,
setting--30.12 in.Hg.

Anyhoo, Patsy Cline was awesome!

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