Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music I Love ~Day XX

I LOVE Sweet Baby James! I can remembering listening to him when I was very young. This performance is from the year I was born so he's been around my whole life. Even now I still see him like this, dirty hair and all. He's another one of those men whose voice is so beautiful that I feel justified putting him in this lineup.

This song is the reason that I considered naming my kids names that start with J because I liked the idea of singing it to them. I still do that and always have but it doesn't sound the same. My friend Karen has a daughter named Jane and I always call her Sweet Baby Jane. I just love this damn song! I think James Taylor can do no wrong. His voice is amazing and has only gotten better over the years.

I once heard that he got out of going to Vietnam because of mental health issues. It's not like he pulled a Bush and disappeared behind his daddy, he had actual mental health issues and was committed for a while.

One of my favorite River Phoenix movies "Running on Empty" has a scene in it where they play Fire and Rain. Martha Plimpton sings over it and even that doesn't bother me. I've also never been a big fan of Jay Leno. I don't hate him, but I love David Letterman so if given the choice, I'll watch Dave. However, I did DVR his last show. James Taylor was his final guest performance and he sung this song to perfection! I still haven't deleted it and Owen and I watch it often. Owen likes to sing to it as I do. He yells when I turn it off. Good boy.

I'm not even going to get into the awesome stuff he's done with Carole King.

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  1. Those were the good Ol Days huh??? :) Just stopping by again to say hi!! :)