Sunday, August 8, 2010

Music I Love ~Day XVIII

Beyonce has the body that I should have been born with. I think she has the best legs I've ever seen. Her ass has no beginning or end, it just goes on forever. POW! Is what I think to myself when I see her ass. That bitch is packin heat! I mean look at that photo! Her ass is like a shelf!

I like her for many reasons, her slammin ass is only one of them. I also think she's talented and I like that they built Destiny's Child around her while acting like they were doing anything but. I remember them looking for new members after those first two hit the skids. They found a new member but I think she talked too much so they tossed her and found that chick Michelle who never speaks, which I'm sure was perfect. I vaguely remember the other two released albums as if to say, "Hey, I'm talented too!" Beyonce's sister did the same thing but that chick is a ghetto train wreck with a bad weave, so she disappeared like syphilis in the 20th century.

Anyhoo, I love me some Beyonce! It only helps that she married Jay Z because I love him too. These two songs are my favorite. "If I Were a Boy" is beautiful and "Put a Ring on it" kicks ass! When it comes on in the car, Owen throws his hand up and starts flipping it back and forth, so funny!

I don't generally put much faith in anyone who was born after MTV premiered but I make an exception for her. She is Sasha Fierce, after all. I love that she looks like that and has such a beautiful voice to back it up. Not like the Brittneys of the world, at all.

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