Friday, August 27, 2010

It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!

Three days a week my son gets on a bus and is gone to school for hours. He loves it and I like that he's learning and having fun but it's a weird feeling to not have him here for so long. It will take some getting used to. River naps while he's at school so it's not like we could go and do anything. River is sleeping and I've done laundry but I'm just not in the mood to clean and with not much going on this weekend, I have no motivation to clean anything except the dishes, which are loaded and the damn sippy cups that Chris and I both avoid like the plague. I can not wait until she's past the sippy cup stage.

While he was gone and after I put River down for her nap, added a load to the wash and walked past the sippy again, I went into the sunlight to shoot a few frames. The weather is perfect today! Sunlight but no humidity! I'm so glad that Fall is just around the corner. I look forward to darker colours and sweatshirts!

I took some pictures near our fence and while I had my back to it I felt a buzzing. I quickly turned around to see a wasps nest that must have been right against my back. Nice. If it weren't so far from the house I'd go back and kill those bastards! That reminds me of that stupid bird that lived in our backyard and would dive bomb Owen when he was younger. I hated that damn bird and while I didn't want it dead, I wanted it away from the house so I built all kinds of contraptions to make it go away. I haven't seen her for a while so maybe it worked.

I'm really in love with our trees right now. Chris just trimmed them and they're really green because we've had a lot of rain lately. This is the greenest our yard has been since we moved here so I'm pleased. I also have a special place in my heart for our ugly fence. It looks so much better in photos than a bright, shinny new one. I know when we have a new fence I will miss it like I miss the beat up deck from before Chris stained it.

Anyhoo, this is me, today, lovin' on my trees.

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