Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!

I think this has been the busiest weekend I've had in some time. If I wasn't tagging items for the consignment sale, I was untagging items that didn't sell for my appointment with a local consignment shop. I'm past the point of worrying about how much I'll get for each item and I just want it out of my house! I've had emotional detachment from this crap! I just want it gone!
My favorite consignment shop closed a little over a month ago and I just discovered that it is reopening with new owners on September 1st! This is good news and I can only hope I like the new store as much as I did the last one! I had withdrawal symptoms when that store closed. We went there every week! It was so bad that if we drove past it without stopping, Owen would scream! There was a time when I would have to drive the long way to Babies R Us just so I wouldn't have to pass it.
So, they're reopening and I have an appointment to have her look at my stuff and she if she can sell any of it. What she doesn't take I might just give the quick once over and drop it off at Goodwill. It just needs to be gone.
So, this is me today, in the yard for 2 minutes between doing the crap I needed to get done today. Tomorrow when Owen goes to school, I am going to put River down for her nap and do absolutely nothing until that bus rolls in. My back is killing me and I need a break from manual labor. This 31 days of self portraits thing has been a chore and I'm glad it's coming to an end. I am just tired.
It took me three hours to pick up my items tonight and I still didn't find them all! I ask about it and she tells me that "some Gymboree items walked from the last sale." That's information I could have used BEFORE I put my items on the special Gymboree rack. Why is there a special Gymboree rack anyway? Who gives a shit if it's Gymboree? I hate that store. Every time I go in there it looks like a rainbow threw up all over the place. I don't get it. Gap Kids I get. They make clothes that a normal person would wear, only smaller. If I wanted to dress my kids like Umpaloompas, I'd shop at Willy Wonka's Wacky Clothing Emporium. But I'm not bitter.

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