Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures

We took the kids to the park today. The weather was beautiful and the playground wasn't too crowded, which surprised me. I thought it would be crazy down there on a Saturday. I'm glad I was wrong. We were able to let River wander around. This can be difficult when there are a million 10 year olds running back and forth playing tag around the equipment. She's a slow mover so I was pleased that she was able to walk around at her own pace and check out the area.

After the playground we walked down to the water which was a little high for River to get too close. I'd wanted to let her play in the sand for a bit but the tide was not on our side so we just stood in the water. I liked it more than she did so I let her stand on the boat dock while I went out up to my knees to take some photos. The water wasn't cold so I would have loved for Owen to at least get his feet wet but as usual, he wanted no part of it.

I'm still shocked at how green everything is. We've really had a lot of rain this year. Usually everything is an even layer of brown right now.

I took this photo of myself on the playground right after a little boy who was playing with Owen conked his head on the bottom of this handle thing. It made a loud sound and I thought it was Chris's elbow. Poor guy. I know it hurt like hell.

Nice day with the family at the park. Now we get to rest for a while before back to school night at Rolly Polly's!

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