Friday, August 27, 2010

It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!

I still have no idea what is wrong with my SD card and why I am able to look at my photos but not upload them. Luckily I upload daily or I'd be really pissed because I've got over 4,000 photos on that card. I'm only loosing maybe a little over 1oo photos but at least I can see them. Still annoying.

Anyhoo, I took some photos this morning while we waited for Owen's bus to come. River seems to always be up for photos these days where as getting any pictures of Owen and I together is a fantasy I have. I was able to get one as he ran past and I've posted it bellow.

It's so much fun waiting for the bus with Owen because he runs around with the dog and River watches him and laughs and when the bus comes he acts like he doesn't want to get on it but he half smiles when he thinks you aren't looking. The truth is that he may actually not want to get on the bus but not because he doesn't want to go to school. He just doesn't want to leave his trains behind. I know that's what his issue is.

Since I wasn't able to upload my photos yesterday and in a sence skipped my self portrait, I will be doing two today to keep up with the promise made to myself. So, I'll be back.

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