Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures

Today was the busiest day in recent memory. Owen and I had to drive to his school to meet his new teacher, who seems nice. Mrs. Bobby his speech lady was there, which I like to see. I like that something stays the same even if everything else seemed to change. Same school and same classroom but it looks completely different and his teacher form last year (who I loved) is gone. Sad, but this happens.

After the meeting I brought Owen back home and let him watch some Thomas while Chris worked from home. I drove to Annapolis to drop off my 300+ consignment items that as God it my witness, I am not bringing home! After all the work I put into getting that crap ready, it better sell!

The process was pretty painless, which I did not expect so I was glad for that and I think they turned away only 4 of my items. This pleased me.

Before I put River down for her nap I took her into the backyard and took a few photos. This new walking thing is opening all kinds of doors. She has a closet full of dresses that she's never worn because who wants to crawl in a dress? I think she looks so cute in them that I'm making up for lost time and slapping one on her every friggen day! She's so tiny that even after having these dresses for months and months, they're all still too big for her but I don't care, it's still cute!
I will never get tired of seeing her walk! I waited too long!
So, this is me, today, with my walkin baby!

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