Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!

Today Chris and I took the kids to visit friends up in Carroll County. They have two daughters who are remotely the same age as Owen and River and a great big pool!

Owen gives me kisses almost anytime I ask him. The only problem with his kisses is that sometimes he gives them with too much gusto which always makes me fear a tooth bump. I have a fear of cracking my teeth out so I always keep my eye open just a little while he's coming in so I can soften the blow if need be. I think it looks creepy to keep your eyes open when giving kisses so I thought I'd mention it.

We had a great day with friends we don't see too often. I thought the weather was going to suck all day but it turned really nice once we got out there. It was already raining when we left our house so it was a nice surprise. The kids played with all the toys in the toy room and Owen was pleased to see that there was a wooden train track that I sat up for him. Good that he knows that chicks play with trains too!

A good time was had by all but I must mention that I would have appreciated Chris telling me that I had mascara under my eyes all day. Butthead!


Above is River thinking it was funny to jam her finger into my nose.
I LOVE underwater feet!


  1. How cute she is!!

    I am following you from Monday follow. Woulsd appreciate a follow back. Terry

  2. My almost 2 year old also thinks it's hilarious to stick his finger up your nose at unexpected times while screaming "Ew, NASTY!" LOL.