Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures!

I did something today that I haven't done in well over 18 months. I got my hair cut. It's been even longer since I had my hair coloured and I did that too.

I wasn't trying to cover my gray although I definitely have some. I just wanted something different and I wanted my hair to match my personality for a change. I want my hair to kick as much ass as I do. I envisioned a hair cut that would make me want to learn to play guitar and while I think I like the hair cut I got, it isn't what I wanted. It isn't dramatic enough. So, tonight I called the lady who cut my hair and left her a message asking if she'd cut off more. Truthfully, I couldn't see that it wasn't short enough until I got home and took off my black shirt. That's why I'm wearing a tank in the picture I posted, so I could see it. It's definitely a step in the right direction but this isn't the end for me. I will even pay her to cut more if I need to. I really liked her and she came highly recommended. My friend Karen has been going to her for years. It's the tinniest little shop and I actually drove by it and had to loop around. It's called Studio 19 and apparently they do nails as well, although I'm not sure where. There's only two chairs which I think is nice. The last place I went seemed kind of busy. I don't like to get the Hair Cuttery feel when I'm getting my hair did. It's kinda like being in a dirty JC Penney's and feeling like you're in Kmart. Does that make sense?

I guess when you look at the two pictures, it seems drastic but not enough for me. I wanted an angled bob and this just seems like a pussy version of that. So, while this is me today, I can't promise that this will be me tomorrow. I'll get back to you.

Also, how mousy was my hair? Where the hell are my friends when this shit is going on? Nobody wanted to say anything, hello? Don't I tell you when your ass looks big? Bunch a bitches! At least I don't look like a Ted Bundy victim anymore.

I'd also like all you haters to know that I purposely smiled in both of these pictures so no one can say, "You never smile."


  1. I love this. That is exactly what happened to me last time I had my hair done. I told her I want it bold, and I nice. I think she was afraid I was going through a midlife crisis. You are lucky to have a friend to do your hair. I would love to have someone steady who does my hair.

    BTW it looks awesome. Very sassy.

  2. LOL! My sister just got her hair cut, she asked for three inches off and the lady took something like eight. Something in the universe must be misaligned in the hair department. Can't wait to see how sassy you look after it's trimmed up a bit more!