Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!

I took the kids to a friend's house for a playdate this morning and I've got to say that my son is turning into quite the non sharing asshole. I mean he's a good kid but if there is a train table involved he's no fun to be around. I kinda hope this phase passes quickly because it's annoying. It makes going to Laura's house tough because her son has a nice train table also and Owen doesn't want to leave it or allow others to play with it.
After that we came home and I went to the market while River slept so I could make potpies for my husband for dinner. Then I spent the rest of the time River was napping to prepare these things and get them in the oven. What I'm getting at is that I had no free time today to really think about myself. I didn't even think to put makeup on and washing my hair was a waste of time because it was pouring like crazy when I left the house. So, this is my photo for the day. I at least washed my face. That's something, right?

In my defense, I'm really proud of my chicken pot pie.

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