Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!

After my In laws came up to watch the kids for my Birthday, Chris and I snuck out to go to the pool and I took my new Birthday gift. It's surprisingly unsettling to slip a camera under the cool pool water, even when you know it's waterproof.

I took many photos and they're all pretty cool. It's funny to realize how horrible everyone looks underwater. Such a distortion. It's also very hard to take a photo underwater when you don't open your eyes and when holding your nose is a must. What I get is kind of a crap shoot.

This one was my favorite. I took some where I look completely ridiculous and felt like I was going to kill myself by trying to not hold me nose. I panicked every time. How do people do that?

I posted some out takes at the bottom. Please buy a waterproof camera if you can. Lots of tun! This one only goes up to 10 ft, which is more than I will ever need but they make others that go much deeper for snorkeling. Also, I found these goggles by the pool and left them when I was done but I've never had a pair so it was a really cool toy there for a while and allowed me to see underwater, which I never have before. I'm totally buing a pair. I want the ducks and everything! I think anyone who wears them who isn't five looks like a complete idiot. Kinda like Crocs.

I even added this one of my husband because it makes me giggle.


  1. I purchased some goggles for only $10 just to aid in my underwater snapshots. I find that I get more face shots, and fewer accidental crotch shots this way.

  2. LOVE IT!! I have wanted an under water camera forever...these shots are adorable! You guys are so cute together.

  3. I wish I had a pool so that having a camera like this would make sense. Love the shots.